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There’s been a big question mark over Angelina Jolie’s love life lately, but it looks like things have finally been cleared up.

It was rumored that she was casually dating a real estate agent – fancy! – but according to sources, it’s nothing to get too excited about as she wants to be single for the sake of her children.

“She’s not dating,” an insider told E! News.

“She’s very focused on her kids and doesn’t have a lot going on outside of that. She has had a few business meetings with men, but they were not dates.”

Interesting. Although we’re not surprised that Angelina Jolie is spending all her time with the children, as she was reportedly granted temporary custody as part of her and Brad Pitt’s divorce settlement. Brad Pitt apparently gets “therapeutic visitation” rights.

We’re still holding out for a mega Brangelina reunion, as sources claim that Brad doesn’t appear to be interested in a new relationship either…

“He has been on a few dates but nothing serious,” another source said.

“It’s complicated for him to date and not a huge priority in his life.

“Brad isn’t happy about the custody arrangement. He wants to see his kids more and struggles with not being able to. Overall, he is doing well though.”

We don’t know if we can see Brad or Angelina with anyone else… please work it out, guys. For us?