If you’re looking for ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom, games are a great way to do that.

There are a number of hot, sexy games you can introduce your partner to that will absolutely blow her mind.  If you put these into practice next time you have sex with the woman in your life, she’s going to think of you as a sexual god.  Try these ideas out and see for yourself.

#1. The Three-Five-Zero Challenge

This is a betting game.  The bet can be anything the two of you agree on, but of course, the naughtier the better.  Once the terms of the bet have been established, the game begin.  The challenge for you is this:

You have to make your partner cum at least three time, in five minutes or less, without taking any of her clothes off.

Can you?  Who knows!  That’s the beauty of it, but either way, it’ll force you to get creative, and let’s face it, this is a game where there are no losers!

#2. Endurance

orgasmThis one is best played over time.  Play it the first time to establish a baseline.  How many consecutive, back-to-back orgasms can you give your lover before she just can’t take any more and is begging you to stop so she can catch her breath?

Record that number, and then try to beat it next time.  Again, this forces you to get creative and experiment with new techniques to push the limit.  That’s good stuff.

#3. The Reading Game

readingThis one never gets old.  Start with your lover reading something.  Aloud.  It could be anything, but of course, it works best if it’s something hot and steamy.

While she’s reading, you…find something to do to keep yourself occupied.  Preferably involving your fingers and tongue.  The one rule of the game is, if she stops reading, you stop doing whatever you’ve found to occupy yourself with.  Then you trade places, and you start reading while she gets the opportunity to play.

The beauty of all three of these is that there are no losers.  You get to play and explore together.  You get to push yourselves and each other.  That’s fantastic, and ultimately, that’s what sex should be all about, right?

The bottom line is that sex is an important part of any healthy relationship, but over time, it can be hard to keep things fresh and interesting between the sheets.

When that happens, it falls to both of you to find ways to spice things up.

Start with games like these, and then, if you’re both comfortable with more, start branching out.

Go toy shopping together.  Buy each other toys and play with them together.  Take your sexual adventures out of the bedroom and into other venues.  What about a little late night adventure in a public park?  What about making out like teenagers in your car?  Role playing scenarios?

The only limit is your imagination!