Dating is a competitive sport, in that men are competing against each other to win a significant other. When a rival is in the picture, some men opt for expensive or outlandish (or expensive and outlandish!) dates, to show their prospective partner how successful and creative they are; whether this really makes a difference depends on the female. However, in the belief that an outlandish or expensive date will move a guy ahead in the dating game, here are some ideas he may want to try:

Rent Out a Restaurant for the Night

A guy can make it a really romantic night when he rents out a restaurant for just himself and his girlfriend. This shows her he has deep pockets and is romantic, assuming he’s picked a place with good food and atmosphere, and not the local pub. However – if the girl is into beer and pub food, renting out a pub works as well. Know your girlfriend’s tastes before you try this – renting out a French restaurant when her tastes run to American bar fare, or vice versa, is setting yourself up for an expensive flop.

Plan an Exotic Trip

If your girl is into mountain climbing, plan a trip to Switzerland and climb the Matterhorn. Or, plan a trip to Nepal, and hike the Himalayas. A trip closer to home might be hiking the Appalachian Trail. A getaway to the American west and climbing the Grand Tetons might also suit your purpose.

If your girl is into romantic places, plan a trip to the Riviera – either the French or Italian one. There are many out-of-the-way spots where historical places and romantic boat trips or bike rides are available, with evenings dining out on the waterfront.

If your girl is into camping, plan a trip to several National Parks. The journey between parks is a good time for getting to know one another, and the parks offer hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, and hunting if you’re into these activities.

Go Skydiving, Hot Air Ballooning, or River Cruising


If your girl is a daredevil, she may get into skydiving. It’s certainly an outlandish date, but it may work in your favor. Hot air ballooning is a way to spend several hours in each other’s company, away from traffic and other people. A river cruise down the Mississippi on an old-fashioned steamboat will take you back in time to historical places on the river, while enjoying the ambience and cuisine at night.



Most girls don’t expect to give service to another on a date, so set up a Habitat for Humanity build with your date. Or, spend an evening serving in a soup kitchen or a shelter. If your girl has depth to her character, this type of date will show her your compassionate side, and move you to the front of the dating queue.

If you have rivals for your intended’s affections, get creative and think out of the box. Whatever you choose, choose it based on her character and preference. Taking a Valley Girl type to a soup kitchen won’t get you anywhere with her, but if you’re into helping others, this may be a good litmus test for her. Taking an outdoors girl to an expensive restaurant or a dazzling urbanite to a primitive campground is also not a good idea – find out her tastes and style your date accordingly, and you’ll make yourself the frontrunner in the dating sweepstakes.