tatTattoos, historically, have been for rebels. They are an artistic way to express yourself, but because they are permanent, they require a lot of commitment. It’s because of the commitment involved that many people find tattoos a deeply romantic way to express their love for another person. In the old days, a guy would have heart tattoo with a woman’s name written across it. The thing is that having a person’s name tattooed in ink on your body is far more permanent than many relationships.

Let’s face it. Tattoos are pretty sexy. Sharing the experience of having a tattoo can strengthen your bond with your partner. It can also be a huge turn on. Primarily men are the ones who used to do tattoos. But as more and more women discovered the world of skin ink, couples have started to share the experience.

You may be one of those people who, instead of marking yourself for life with someone’s name, are seeking more creative, artistic and interesting ways to express your love for your significant other. So, just for you, we’ve compiled ten of the most romantic tattoo ideas.

  1. Hearts have always been symbols of love, especially in tattoos. Keys, likewise, have special significance, especially when combined with a heart. They reflect the old saying ‘you hold the key to my heart’. So, when one person has a tattoo of a heart and the other a tattoo of a key, in the same place on their bodies, this is a powerful message indicating love with a possessive bond between two people.
  2. Life is a puzzle, but when you put two pieces together, it helps to make the whole picture. When two people find the perfect soulmate in this crazy world, it helps to make things complete for them. So, puzzle pieces, that fit together, hold great significance when shared between two people.
  3. Traditionally, people have used rings to demonstrate their commitment to one another, especially in the ritual of marriage. But, people can remove rings much more easily than a tattoo. Whether you’re getting married legally or not, ring tattoos are a meaningful signifier that you have made a commitment to the other person.
  4. If you both love a certain piece of art, recreate it on a part of your body that needs to be connected to complete the picture. This is a fun way to express your affection. It also to show off the piece to other people when they ask about it.
  5. While you may not want each other’s names written on your bodies, there are other words that can share beautiful, connecting messages. If you have favorite lyrics to a song or lines of a poem, you can each have a line tattooed somewhere. In such a case, when they are connected they complete the verse.
  6. A naughty, but fun and cute tattoo uses building materials, specifically a nut and bold. In building terms, the bolt, which inserts into the nut, represents the male gender. And the nut into which the bolt screws, represents the female gender. It’s pretty obvious why this is the case.
  7. If you’re a foodie, having a food themed representation of your love can be perfect. If one partner has a pie or pizza with a piece missing on their body and the other partner happens to have that single piece tattooed on their own body, it creates a perfect tattoo metaphor for completing each other.
  8. Some couples feel like royalty when they are together. They feel like a Queen and King, or Prince and Princess. These cute fantasy representations can work well as a romantic couple’s tattoo. The crowns can be as elaborate or simple as you want them to be. Either way, they’ll let everyone know that you rule your own kingdom.
  9. The Ying and Yang has always been a symbol of interconnection. For those couples who may be spiritual, tattooing half of the symbol upon each partner. This is a perfect way to show how you are the perfect complementary force for the other.
  10. You may both be nature lovers. So having the male and female of a particular species of animal that you both feel represents your inner spirits is a great way to express both your bond for each other and your love for the planet. For example, a male and female lion or a buck and doe are both animals that have genders very easy to identify.