There have been myths about labor and delivery that have been flying around. Some of these myths scare women who have never given birth sh*tless. But to be honest, they have no need to be scared.

Below are 5 things you should know as a young woman who has never given birth:

1.Labor doesn’t mean pushing the  whole time.

laborWhen someone says they labored for say 20 hours, some people mistake this to mean she had contractions throughout the 20 hours. However, labor is the period between the woman’s first contractions (or water breaking) until the giving birth.

2. You may not even realize you are in labor.

For most women, the contractions in the first hours of labor are further apart and super bearable. Some don’t even realize they are actually in labor because the contractions are just but a sensation.

3. You don’t have to look ‘down there’ during delivery.

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Much as the birth of a child is amazing, no one will force you to see the baby come out of you if you don’t want to. Its a choice that you will have as a mother. So if bloody stuff makes you queasy, don’t look. Just do your thing.

4. There are post-deliver accessories that make things easier.

A vaginal birth can be painful after. However there are things you can use that literally numb the pain. For instance, ice packs in your underwear. And unbelievable as this may sound, sitting in a warm bath of salty water is very relieving. There are various things you can use that are super soothing.

5. Labor, delivery and post-delivery experiences are different for every woman.

It may be super easy. It may be excruciating. So when people tell you there horrific experiences,  one thing you have to remember it is different for every woman. Some babies come within minutes of labor. Others take more than 20 hours. Your friend’s experience will never be yours. And however its going to turn out, vaginal birth or C-section, take heart in the fact that once the baby comes, it will all be worth it.