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Heather Morris is not giving up hope, as the search for her Glee co-star Naya Rivera continues.

The 33-year-old actress disappeared on Wednesday afternoon after renting a pontoon boat at Lake Piru with her four-year-old son Josey Dorsey.

Her son was later found alone on the boat and told authorities that his mother went into the lake for a swim and never came back up.

“It’s so hard to wrap your head around something unknown,” Heather Morris, who played the role of Brittany Pearce on Glee, said in a statement.

“I’m holding on to hope that the rescuers will bring Naya home in a swift and speedy recovery.

“I know she would remind me in moments like this that God has a plan for everything and although we may not know that that plan is, we need to keep our chin up and stay strong.”

Many of Naya’s Glee co-stars also took to social media to ask for support…

“Love and hug on the people you can, while you can. I love you. Everyone please send out your prayers,” Chord Overstreet, who starred as Sam Evans on the Fox show, wrote on Twitter.

Demi Lovato – who guest-starred on Glee alongside Naya Rivera’s character, Santana Lopez – also sent a rare Twitter message…

“I don’t tweet often but sometimes my tweets come true so, together let’s manifest on twitter that Naya will be found safe and sound!!” Demi wrote.

“Come on y’all! Let’s put this energy out there: they will find her healthy and alive!!”

Leah Remini, who starred alongside Naya in Mad Families, also shared a very heartfelt message on Instagram…

“Just heartbreaking,” Leah wrote.

“Had the pleasure of working with Naya and although the job wasn’t the most pleasurable, she made it so.

“She made me laugh on days I didn’t want to laugh, she reminded me to be appreciative of the work and the fun we were having just sitting around with each other.

“Praying for her, her little boy, her family.”

According to reports, the actress is reportedly now “presumed dead”, as authorities are trying to recover her body so that her family can have some “closure”…

“If the body is entangled in something underneath the water, it may never come back up,” said a spokesperson from The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

“The goal is still to bring Ms. Rivera home to her family so they can have some closure,” Deputy Chris Dyer added.

Naya’s disappearance is reportedly not being treated as suspicious, especially as an insider told E! News that the actress was “in a really good place” prior to the incident…

“Probably the best I’ve ever seen her,” the source said.

“She finally had a great co-parenting system worked out, and she seemed genuinely really happy. She was excited for new beginnings this year.”

Josey will reportedly now be looked after by his grandmother, as well as his father Ryan Dorsey…

“Josey will definitely be looked after by his grandma, who was also extremely close to him, and Ryan.

“The family is very worried about Josey’s wellbeing. It’s all very tragic and the family is heartbroken and devastated.”

We’re still holding onto hope.