There are essential wedding tips that a bride-to-be needs to know to make that day perfect. Read these tips so you don’t miss a thing…

Top Wedding Planner Advice to Follow

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the stuff of fairy tales. For most people, a perfect wedding day would go something like this: A beautiful bride to rival all the Disney princesses combined. A teary groom who can’t believe his luck. Super loving, supportive and well-behaved guest (and it won’t hurt if these guests sniffle into their hankies during the exchange of vows.) Your perfect day should have all these elements and more.

There are a few wedding tips and ideas you’ll have to add to your arsenal to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more, scroll on…

Consider your budget

Your budget will decide if you should have a carnival wedding complete with elephants, fire-eaters, and belly dancers, or if you should just hike to the courthouse and get your license with minimal fuss.

Fear not! There’s a middle ground between big and small. And your wedding budget can fit in wonderfully well! All you need are a few wedding planning tips to point you in the right direction.

Sort your money

When it comes to your wedding budget, every little thing matters. But your wedding location is obviously more important than the artsy Just Married sign you saw on eBay. Forget whatever rustic wedding planning tips and ideas you picked up on Pinterest. The trick is to rate your spending on a 1 to 10 scale – 1 being super-vital stuff and 10 being “eh, do I really need this?”. Sometimes the best wedding planning tips for brides are those that can’t be found on wedding inspiration sites.

No rain on your parade

wedding planning tipsDear beautiful bride-to-be, please check the weather before you fix a date. This is one of the most important wedding tips. You don’t want your beautiful outdoor wedding to get disrupted when the rain comes and everyone has to scamper off to find relief from the downpour. How on Earth will you get the perfect wedding photos if you’re getting married in a storm?

Unpopular opinion: Your guests are important…

Of course, you are the star of your wedding. But if you are searching for the best wedding planning tips for brides, your guests will influence most of your decisions. First of all, decide on the number of guests you want. Then, using this number, decide on your venue, the menu, the music, and just about anything else. This way, everyone wins.

You might have to cut down the number of guests to reduce costs, and that’s totally fine. The important thing is that you plan your wedding around your guest list.

…But some guests are more important than others

Let take this example:  Your Aunt Matilda will certainly rate above Justin from work. Aunt Matilda, because she is high on your VIP list, should naturally be entitled to a front row seat and limitless flutes of champagne. Justin from work will be fine behind the huge flower arrangement. This is one of the wedding tips no one discusses out loud, but you should definitely consider this.

Draw up a list comprising of family and friends and rate them in order of importance. Should you ever need to trim your guest list, you will naturally start dropping people at the bottom.

Expect hidden costs

Hidden costs are sneaky. And they’ll surely take you by surprise no matter how many wedding planning tips you know. You might have to fork out some money to buy more wine or pay for a wedding décor emergency. The trick is to allocate some funds to beat whatever sneak ups arise. Be prepared!

Kids or no kids?

Decide in advance if you want kids at your wedding. Whatever you decide, make sure the rule applies to everyone except the kids on the bridal party. This will help prevent family drama from flaring up because party A left her kids at home only to find that party B was allowed to bring his adorable babies to the event.

If you opt for a child-free wedding, you could offer childcare services in the hotel or some other venue close by.

Get a second opinion on your wedding dress

wedding gown shoppingTV shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” have become hugely popular because all brides need help with their wedding day fashion. Yes, you need help too. And that’s why you should add this to your list of wedding tips. No matter how fashion savvy you are, extra sets of eyes can help you pick out a great wedding dress.

Your girlfriends will happily tag along on your dress hunting expedition. You can even take your family along because, honestly, sisters and moms exist mainly to help with choosing great wedding dresses. Your crew could just have the wedding planner advice you need when scouring the shops for the perfect dress.

Take your time

Wedding planning is a hectic process! Everything can become a messy blur if you don’t know how to pace yourself. Have a checklist and tick off items you’ve successfully accomplished. Doing too many things at the same time can result in a catastrophic situation where everything goes out of control.

Start with the important things:

  • Confirm your date before you hire vendors.
  • Book a venue before you settle on the décor.
  • Have your guest list ready before you even think of finding a suitable venue.

There will be rejections and adjustments

Some guests will RSVP and not show up. Some vendors will show you glossy pictures of their services and end up performing below your expectations. Basically, it’s a wedding. So expect your own version of the viral “what I ordered vs what I got” meme.

A great wedding planning tip is to remember not to let anything steal your joy. Calm down and celebrate your love because love is all colors!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

You risk becoming a bridezilla when you forget to enjoy this (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. This is the wedding planner advice to add to your list of wedding tips. Of course, vendors will test your patience and your wedding planning cost could acquire some extra commas and zeros. Stay calm and relish the process. Breathe! If anything veers off your plan, find a way to fix it while also remembering that perfection is boring.

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