There’s a world of difference between cats and dogs. That difference is no more strongly defined than by the people who love them and choose to live with them. There’s also a big difference between those who simply have pets and those whose whole identity is tied up with their companion animal. So, before we look at the differences between cat and dog people, let’s look at some of their similarities. This is especially important if they are thinking about getting married. Common ground must be found.

Spotting dog and cat people


Both cat and dog people can be easily spotted by the pet hair on their clothing that they don’t seem to notice. Their friends will always give them Christmas and birthday presents themed to their particular pet, resulting in a shelf full of tacky dog or cat statues. They probably subscribe to specialist magazines with titles such as Cat Universe and Doggy GQ. Their Facebook timeline is simply a stream of either dog or cat videos. This is where the differences begin to become obvious. If a video is about a cat doing something stupid, dog people will laugh and cat people will be offended. If it’s a video about a dog doing something stupid, dog people will laugh and cat people will yawn.

Oh yes, cat people and dog people, aside from loving their companion animals possibly more than human family members or partners, have a lot of differences. Cat people believe that their feline friends are enigmatic, independent and devious and they take great pride in those attributes. Dog people might refer to their pets as ‘goof balls’ and maintain a relationship with them that is almost sibling-like, playful and boisterous.

Dogs vs. cats

It seems that while dogs are meant to bring joy, happiness, activity and chaos into their owners’ lives, cats are meant to bring calm, stillness and are to be almost considered royalty. Dogs fart and roll in horse poop, resulting in baths and hilarity. Cats vomit and you step on it in your bare feet, resulting in paranoia that the cat may actually be plotting against you. Dogs are to be trusted as loyal friend and cats are to be respected and slightly feared.

Don’t believe me? Just watch a dog owner give their dog a pill. They pop it in a hot dog and the dog swallows it happily. Then, watch a cat owner do it. Of course, the novice cat owner will try the hot dog trick and possibly go through a number of pills as the cat chews the meat and spits out the pills. Eventually getting pissed off and hiding under the bed. The owner then has to find a way to catch the cat. Restrain the cat and get the pill down its throat. This almost always results in much bloodshed – the owner’s not the cat’s – and no medication ever reaching the cat’s stomach.

Live and love in harmony


How can dog and cat owners find a way to live and love in harmony with their favorite non-human companions? Can wedded bliss ever be achieved between dog and cat owners? Truthfully, the comfort of the humans is secondary. Most importantly, is that the cats and dogs can tolerate each other. If they don’t, fights will ensue between all parties, human and animal. Living separate lives in the same household is not conducive to a successful marriage.

So, how do we achieve a wedded bliss where the needs of all parties are fulfilled? Firstly, the dog owner will have to learn to accept that the feline member of the household will probably not want to be their new best friend. In fact, the cat may generally loathe them forever. There may be moments where the dog owner truly thinks they’ve broken through. But that will only be during feeding time. Aside from cupboard love, there is unlikely to be any love at all. In fact, the cat may start hating everyone if they ever discover that they are no longer the most important ‘person’ in the household.