One of the most common relationship challenges is knowing when to walk away after infidelity. It has been cited by many as one of the things that couples really have a problem dealing with and moving past. The consequences of cheating can be very devastating – from the anger to humiliation and even depression. This could be the reason why infidelity had been cited as a major cause of breakups and divorce.

Are there ways on how to fix a relationship after infidelity? How can you be sure of know when to walk away? Take a look as we examine this widely discussed and heavily sensitive issue in relationships below.

When to walk away from a relationship after infidelity

There is a high increase in divorce rates – 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. That is pretty alarming. This usually happens when a couple has reached a stalemate when it comes to dealing with relationship issues. And one of the problems that really plays a big real in couples having challenges resolving their issues is infidelity. For instance, how are you supposed to forgive after walking in on cheating spouse?

Breakups and divorce can be very painful to deal with. They have emotional, social, psychological, as well as financial implications for the couple. Avoiding to deal with all this pain is the main reason that some couples would rather seek answers on how to fix a relationship after infidelity.

The big question to ask yourself if you are wondering when to walk away after infidelity is how much the trust in your relationship phase been violated. One thing that we have seen when it comes to infidelity is that women are more likely to forgive sexual infidelity. For most men, it’s a big deal-breaker. So, if it happened to you, would you know when to walk away?

Here are some of the times you actually should consider that decision.

When your spouse is a serial cheater:

There are some people who are just serial cheaters. Usually, most people who are serial cheaters do it, not because they can’t control their actions, but because their actions stem from narcissism than their circumstances.

If you keep forgiving the person for the same thing over and over again, then it means they don’t respect you or love you enough to stop. This is one of the reasons that you need to walk away because if they did it again, it’s because they want to do it to you. Unless you are in an open relationship or don’t really care whether your spouse cheats, for your own emotional safety, you need to break free.

When you can’t trust again

Trust is the number one thing that people struggle with especially after walking in on cheating spouse. So even when a person is sincerely apologetic, it’s hard to make the decision of whether to trust them again. No matter the reason for the affair, we have to admit that there is a violation of trust. The pain and unhappiness will always remain.

Now if you feel that leaving might become more detrimental than trying to fix the relationship, then maybe it’s time you sought some counseling from a professional. Now if the violation of the trust is so hurtful that it makes ending the relationship easy, then that is when to walk away from a relationship.

When he is a cheating narcissist

There are some people who cheat just because they are selfish and they only care about what they want. So, if you have a narcissist in your hands, then you need to know that cheating won’t be a big deal for them. If an opportunity presents itself, trust me, they will take it. And this is all because they crave attention.

You need to know when to walk away after infidelity especially if it’s a narcissist. Believe me, if you are doing it in the hopes that it will put you in a strategic position, you are wrong. A narcissist will never change. They will change their ways momentarily to lure you back and return to their ways.

When it’s a deal-breaker

Everyone has their point of no return. There are times when if a line is crossed, that is it. The love switch goes off immediately. If when it comes to cheating, that’s your deal-breaker, then you need to walk away because staying will only lead to resentment and seeking for revenge because there is no love left. You are better off on your own than in an unhealthy relationship.

The thing is, if you have too much respect for yourself that makes cheating very disrespectful then that’s when to walk away after infidelity. If you especially specified that it’s a dealbreaker and someone chose to do it anyway, it’s time to walk away. Find someone who treats you with the love and respect you deserve. Put yourself and your feelings first. Tell them “You knew it was a deal-breaker and you did it anyway.” Show this person that you respect yourself enough to walk away.

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