This year because of the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities seem to have become less and less entertaining. So why do we even care about celebrities? Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, one thing that I am beginning to notice is how irrelevant and how celebrities are no longer in charge. They are as paranoid and as exposed as the rest of the normal humans. No one is special. No one is in control.

So, I was thinking to myself the other day. Why should we bother about celebrities in 2020 when all they are doing is sending live streams of their equally bore selves from quarantine? Scroll on and hear my point of view on Love is All Colors.

Why care about celebrities?

Is it just me or have celebrities during coronavirus become less entertaining? I remember when the quarantine was enforced, the idea of having live video streams by celebrities performing stand up comedies, singing solo songs was quite intriguing. But as time went by, that excitement to me is dying down. And where are the new tv shows and new movies? Actors are probably the ones hard hit during this pandemic of boredom.

The thing is, it has become really evident. I have seen the likes of great singers doing videos that are annoying to watch. It’s like the virus has wiped out even their creativity. So why do we even care about celebrities? Is it worth putting ourselves through some of these boring live comedy shows that they are streaming? If you ask me, it’s the fans who have become the most entertaining lot.

Have you seen the memes that have been making rounds on social media? How about the jokes about banana bread making. We the audience have now become entertainment. You will be amazed at the brilliant minds of individuals that we never used to see because of believing that the only entertainment had to come from celebrities. You might actually be happier going to social media and searching for funny videos of kids dancing than watching some online comedy clip from a famous comedian.

Have you come across the clip that some famous celebrities like Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell, Norah Jones, Jamie Dornan, Sia, Zoë Kravitz, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon, Cara Delevingne, Pedro Pascal and Leslie Odom Jr. recorded themselves singing something about a world without war or possessions? Watch it and tell me, in your honest opinion, what you really thought about it.

Now much as they put an effort to call each other and try to entertain their fans, that clip was the real evidence that celebrities during coronavirus have kind of got boring. As in why were they trying to sing to the world when most of them clearly have zero vocal talent? Were those screeching voices meant to be entertaining? Were they trying to be funny? Well jokes on them.

With all the challenges and entertainments that we are providing for ourselves, who cares about celebrities?

The thing we are hoping for is that these dark times come to an end. The thing is celebrities in 2020
have isolated themselves in their palatial homes and are trying too hard to remain relevant by posting funny videos of them doing I don’t know what in the name of entertaining their fans. Unfortunately, even after millions tune into their social media channels in the hopes of seeing what new thing they have uploaded, we end up disappointed because it is not any more entertaining than repeating all the ten seasons of friends from season one.

Right now, I am sure there are so many people who once cared but right now, they dont care about Ellen. With every passing day we are realizing that as we battle with the pandemic, celebrities in 2020 are just like us. They are just as bored as we are and technologically incompetent. They are having as much trouble as the rest of us are trying to adjust to working from home. Some of their houses are too unkempt. They are having trouble working the cameras and webcams on their laptops just as we are.

So why do we even care about celebrities? I don’t think I am the only person who has made these observations. If you want to get the real entertainment, find one weird celebrity video and start going through the commenters. And that’s where the real entertainment is. From the funny usernames to them trying to make fun of celebrities lime Sam Neill who posted a video of his freshly cleaned collection of shoes. That was funny. Where is he going to wear them? At home lol!

Why care about celebrities and their boring videos especially if you are single and quarantining alone at home when you can turn to online dating and hook up with other singles? You have to admit that initially, being locked up at home must have been frustrating. It happened to me. One thing I knew was that I was going to die single.

See, the thing is, I can prove that you can go through all the movies on Netflix. Believe me, it can be done. Plus, most of them can be pretty boring. You start watching a movie then after reaching halfway, you keep hoping for some action every 10 minutes. In the end, you end up wondering why you become watching it in the first place.

Why do we even care about celebrities again when all we are getting is some old movies? Now I understand, that they have to take care of themselves as we are. Their jobs have become as irrelevant and as most of our jobs.

After a while, I decided to turn to online dating and social media groups for entertainment. I switched up my focus to online dating. It is something that I have actually come to appreciate more than trying to bother myself following every move of a celebrity. Can you imagine some are even posting photos of how to make soup and baby food from butternut squash at the same time? You don’t need a cooking degree to do it. It’s not entertaining and its not rocket science. How hard can adding water and turning on the stove be? Now that is the height of lack of creativity on these guys.

So, who cares about celebrities these days? Not me. I think time can be better spent making meaningful connections with other singles online. There were a lot of people gathering on the site looking to chat with others! Those are the people who understood what being stuck alone at home is really like. So, they appreciate making these connections even more. You are better off spending time having happy hour drinks on skype and having a good laugh out of it.

Why have notifications from your favorite celebrity keep making your phone vibrate all day? Even Miley Cyrus and her self-care broadcasts have been sucking at it. Her first video was taken in some very dark room. That is when you stop putting someone on a pedestal when you realize just how normal or even worse of than the normal people they are. Then she had the audacity to try and coaching people about how not to overdo the alcohol drinking when in isolation.

Can you believe that they even experience bad internet connections too? Yes, that happened with Cyrus having a split-screen conversation with Demi Lovato. The echo made if hard to even follow the whole conversation. And what was with the “gay as f*ck” reason for the connection that Cyrus and Lovato had as kids. I tried to laugh. I didn’t. Maybe I am the one who missed the joke.

Then there are the corona concerts. What good has come out of them, if I may really ask? The thing is, it can be very ridiculous when you are trying to pull a live concert while you are alone. To be honest common sense is not common to everyone. If you are planning on pulling off a really entertaining concert, you will at least need someone else there with you to film it.

We have to admit that the coronavirus has really exposed the ugly truth about celebrities. If they kept making you feel like you have to compete with them, that you are a lesser human being just because they can flash cars in music videos, don’t buy into all that. Its just publicity.

Now much as some of them are trying to show us that we are in this together, the ugly truth is that we are not. But when we see the likes of Madonna preaching to us all about how coronavirus “doesn’t care about how rich you are” in a bathtub filled with rose petals, you tend to wonder… why do we even care about celebrities? Continuing to tell us that “It’s the great equalizer.”

Gal Gadot above, with enlisting a group of tone-deaf multimillionaires to sing about a world with “no possessions”.  This is simply a mockery of the highest order. No wonder she received some major 2020 coronavirus backlash.

David Geffen, you cannot post pictures of you isolating in your $590m superyacht then delete them when you realize that the masses social media fire is on you. Ivanka Trump is not any different trying to show us how selfishly she is educated us ‘dirty-handed’ individuals on how to wash our hands by posting pictures of her kids cleaning their hands.

Next celebrity backlash victim: Pharell Williams. This one, he asked for it. He is worth hundreds of millions. Why would he ask his followers to donate to hospitals? “…donate your own money” is what a rep told him. Anyway, seems like he had already donated his share… But still. The ‘milk’ had already been spilled.

Much as we are on the same boat, what this virus, being a “great equalizer” that Madonna claims, has continued to show us how unequal we really are. These celebrities are just clueless, throwing words carelessly that which they believe we want to hear. But we cannot ignore the inequalities that are there, both in the access to healthcare as well as economically.

All these celebrities and politicians can just click their fingers and they get a hospital bed. How about the masses who are poor and with limited access?  Even getting access to a test is also impossible. So, what happens when the vaccines are here? We definitely know who will afford them and who will get priority… the rich and celebrities. So, don’t fault me if I say I dont care about Ellen and other celebrities. We might all be at risk but the reality of the matter is that we are not in this together.

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