What is the 1:1 diet? How fast can one lose weight while on this particular diet plan? Read more as Love is All Colors brings you all you need to know about this diet and more…

Whats 1 1 diet?

Wondering whats 1 1? This diet is also known as the Cambridge Diet and it is one of the diet plans that work. The diet is meant to give those who try it rapid weight loss results. If you had no clue, this is an extreme weight loss plan. It revolves around soups, shakeology alternative, and meal replacement bars. And the meal intake is controlled. Well, let’s dive in and learn more about how you can go about it and its advantages and disadvantages.

More about the Cambridge Diet…

The first is that it requires is regular consumption of low-calorie snack bars, soups, and shakes. Plus, the mean plans are designed to offer you the required daily nutrition while following strict calorie guidelines. And the results of following the strict guidelines is rapid weight loss. And in 2019, it became known as the 1:1 diet.

The plan has 6 variations. These range from 440 to 1500 calories per day based on the initial weight of the dieter and the weight loss goals one desires to achieve. The first step, also referred to as ‘Sole Source’ is the strictest. The diet in Step 1 is very low in calories and one is only allowed to eat the range of products provided and 2.5 liters of water daily. Step 6, is known as ‘Maintenance’ and one eats some healthy sensible meals like a simple Greek menu in combination with the meal replacement bars and shakeology alternative whenever needed. This step is more flexible. Plus, it’s also pegged on your weight at the time and goals set.

However, the diet needs to be entered into cautiously. A counselor is supposed to follow up on your progress throughout the entire program. One might even require some written doctor’s consent before commencing. So once you are done with Step 1, you begin introducing solids like a simple Greek menu to your diet slowly as your weight reduces.

How the 1:1 diet works

This diet plan is similar to the Ketogenic Diet. So basically, you eat very few calories and your body is forced into ‘ketosis’ mode where it starts burning stored fat to survive and function properly.

Just like all diet plans, some critics don’t recommend it. Like all diets, there are pros and cons. There are those who swear that the Cambridge diet is a safe and healthy way to shed pounds rapidly. And then there some researchers and nutritionists who feel that a restriction to only 600 calories a day isn’ t healthy. They feel that rapid weight loss also makes one lose lots of muscle. So in the end, you won’t be well toned.

Advantages of the diet

  • Impressive rapid weight loss
  • For as long as you stick to the guidelines and rules set, there is a guarantee of being slimmer in the end
  • Unlike other restrictive calorie intake diets, the meal replacements are well balanced and are packed with enough vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

Disadvantages of the diet

  • Some health experts feel that forcing your body into a ketosis state will lead to losing muscle mass.
  • Some dieters tend to gain back the weight as soon as they lose it.
  • There have been reported side effects such as hair loss, bad breath, diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness.
  • Much as there are sensible meals, the meal plans can also be expensive to follow. So one needs to be prepared for a dent in the wallet as payment for the rapid weight loss.

Does the Cambridge Diet work?

Whether it’s the 5:2 diet or any other kind of diet, this is one of the most asked questions. This is a diet plan that you can’t just coin at home. You will have to opt-in or go by everything by the book. You will also need supervision by an expert.  At the same time, you will need to eat the nutritional products that the diet program recommends.

Below are the Cambridge Diet plan requirements:

Sole Source: Eat 3-4 Cambridge Diet meal products each day (consuming 415-554 cals, lasting 1 week minimum/12 weeks maximum)

Sole Source +: Eat 3 Cambridge Diet meal products and 200ml of skimmed milk each day (consuming 615 cals a day, lasting 1 week minimum/12 weeks maximum).

Step 2: Eat 2 Cambridge Diet meal products plus protein-rich foods, skimmed milk and some vegetables (consuming 810 calories a day, lasting 1 week minimum).

Step 3: Eat 2 Cambridge Diet meal products plus skimmed milk, breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner (consuming 1000 calories for 2 weeks).

Step 4: Eat 2 Cambridge Diet meal products plus skimmed milk, breakfast, lunch and dinner (continue for 2 weeks).

Step 5: Eat 1 Cambridge Diet meal product plus skimmed milk, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack (continue for 2 weeks).

Maintenance: Eat a healthy diet plus your choice of Cambridge Diet products (continue indefinitely).


Just like most diets, one needs will power to stick to the 1:1 diet. The rapid calorie reduction can be hard to follow and stick with, especially the first step where you might even have 200 calorie meals, especially if you are the person who was used to more calorie intakes. But the rapid weight loss is a good incentive to stick to the plan.

Having to drink the 2.5 liters is something that some people also have trouble doing. And imagine having to go without that morning coffee to tea with milk during the 1st and 2nd steps. The thing is, sacrifices have to be made. And even if the diet offers a wide range of meal replacement food packs, the flavors might not be to your liking.

Just to be on the safe side, consult with your doctor before embarking on this weight loss journey because it’s not suitable for some people. For instance, pregnant and nursing mothers or people with some health issues.

Much as there are some reported side effects to the diet, not everyone experiences them. And then there are those people who find the meal replacements expensive. So you need to consider spending a little more on your food bill. For instance, the weekly meal packs start at £50.40. And then, there is the required one on one sessions with a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

The bottom line is that the 1:1 diet is one of the diet plans that work if followed as per the guidelines. Bearing in mind that it’s an extreme weight loss plan, one needs to be careful at the “Maintenance” step to prevent a rebound weight gain or going back to the old eating habits. So if you return to your normal eating, then you will have to say goodbye to keeping the weight off.

But even if the meals packs are quite expensive, you don’t need to invest in expensive shakes and foods. You can always find inexpensive nutritious shakes and foods that can give you the minimum calories to function well.

As always, before making any extreme dietary changes consult your doctor and have a physical so that they can determine if you are fit and healthy enough to take the diet. And if you begin experiencing extreme side effects, then maybe the diet is not suitable for you.

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