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Wilmer Valderrama and model Amanda Pacheco are officially engaged! But not everyone is happy about it…

Hardcore Demi Lovato fans have been very vocal about their opinions regarding his engagement to the 28-year-old model, as the pair have been dating for less than a year.

The That ‘70s Show actor and Demi Lovato, on the other hand, were together for six years, with no proposal.

Demi’s fans took to social media to share their disapproval over the quick engagement…


“Wilmer’s ass was with Demi when she barely turned 18 yet never gave her an engagement ring when he was with her for over 6 years but he decide to pop the question to this other girlie knowing Demi still cared about him? This is what I’m talking about: Demi deserves better”


“I know Demi wanted that proposal from Wilmer after 6 years and now he proposed to his girlfriend after a year. That man ain’t right for doing my girl like that”


“Wilmer dated Demi for 6 years, but gets engaged to someone who been with him for not even a year.”


“im not mad….. just that demi was for so long with him and when she said several times that she wants to marry wilmer he ignored her and now with his new gf that arent even together for a year-“

The 39-year-old actor and the 28-year-old model were first linked together back in April 2019. A source confirmed to US Weekly that they were “casually dating” at the time.

Wilmer announced his happy news on Instagram, sharing a picture of what looked like a very romantic beach proposal in San Diego, with the caption, “It’s just us now. 01-01-2020”.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

We hope Demi Lovato – who is said to be on good terms with the actor – and her loyal army of fans can be happy for them…