Should we consider bring back some of these dating tips from the 30’s

For years, people have relied on dating tips in a bid to make their relationships work. Be it the young or even seniors. We are all just looking for ways to make the current or next relationship better. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that there were special dating tips for women in the 1930s too.

We all know too well the line ‘good ol’ days’. And maybe they were good. Who knows. This makes you wonder how people dated then. How were the old school dates?

I am sure you have seen it in old-fashioned movies. Guy calls a woman several days before to set a date with the woman he is eyeing. Then on the date night, he shows up at the door well-dressed and springs a bouquet of flowers for his lady of the night. A rosy picture, right?

But would you want these old fashioned relationships advice to come back to style? Would you consider some of these dating rules in this world of online dating and texting?

Well, I think we owe it to ourselves to have a look at some of the dating tips that women relied on 70 years ago:


1. The car mirror is not for fixing makeup

To be honest, today women can use anything with a reflection to fix their makeup. Well, those days, using the car mirror to fix your make-up was considered very annoying by men. I mean, it’s a car mirror. It is supposed to be used for driving. So would you expect your man to keep turning around in order to see what’s behind just so you can apply more lipstick?

Well luckily today, we have mirrors in the car to take care of the makeup problem.

2. Go easy on the public displays of affection

Now, women love the small kisses, the caresses and the simple hand holding in public. Well, this romantic public gesture was considered humiliating and embarrassing for the man. So if a woman wanted the date to go on smoothly, she was expected to keep her hands to herself. Huh!

3. No fashion talk.

Somebody, show me a woman who doesn’t like talking about her clothes… Now those days, describing the dress or gown you are wearing was a NO NO. If you wanted to impress the guy you were out with, then you were to talk about things that would interest him (guy stuff). Things you consider interesting were to be saved for when you met the girls.

4. What’s with the tears?

Apparently, men hated women crying in public. Women cry over anything. A great movie, a lovely wedding ceremony… Well, being all emotional on a date wasn’t considered cute. I guess this is one of the old-fashioned things that had to make it on this list.

5. Don’t be too inebriated.

Now, dignity is something that women were expected to uphold at all times. Now we all know what drinking too much does to some of us. Much as we may think it kills our slow brain cells, it makes most of us stupid. On a night out, men those days expected their women to be ladylike and dignified all evening. Don’t embarrass your man by downing one-too-many. If it was your first date and you behaved badly, there definitely wasn’t going to be a second one.

Looking at the above dating rules, some are actually worth applying; especially the car mirror one and the one for drinking. I mean even in today’s dating world, much as drinking alcohol loosens things out, going on a first date and overdoing the drinking will definitely screw things up. That said, don’t you think the ones on PDA’s and no crying were a bit extreme?

Let’s face it: Women will always cry. And women will always crave for that attention and romantic affection. So if you think these two dating rules should apply in today’s world, you got another think coming.

However, much as some of these dating tips came from the past, I think it would be quite unwise to just let them all buried in the past.