For people with an eating disorder covid19 can be quite challenging. This is compounded by the increased time one has to spend with family, the lack of a routine that one may have been used to as well as an upset routine. During this time of the pandemic, there are organizations for people with eating disorders that have experienced a rise in people seeking their services. Lots of people have relapsed during the lockdown.

Scroll on as Love is All Colors takes a look at what can be spiking eating disorder during lockdown and why we all need to be concerned.

Eating disorder during lockdown

Why is COVID 19 causing eating disorder? The thing is when people’s lives have been disrupted and the tools one used to depend on for survival have been taken away most people feel like all they are left with is their problems. One thing that eating disorders thrive on is secrecy. So, when one is left alone, the chances of a relapse are heightened. When there are no distractions, its easy to fall back to old habits.

For instance, stockpiling in preparation for the lockdown has largely contributed to over eating in isolation. Also, due to stockpiling, people have not been able to get certain foods which may have helped them in eating healthy. So for those suffering from eating disorder covid19 could have made them relapse because now they have to make do with the unhealthy alternatives present.

The battle never ends

Engaging in outdoor activities really helps people with eating disorders. It is the perfect distraction. One thing we cannot deny is that this pandemic has come with a lot of stress. People have lost their jobs; families are feeling the pressure of having to stay together 24/7. So, there is a lot of lockdown stress eating. Most people are deteriorating.

The thing is, just like other mental illnesses, having an eating disorder is a constant battle. Its like having to keep fighting a monster in your brain. The voices just won’t quit. The irrational thoughts just never end. Plus being able to figure out what’s rational and what’s irrational can be hard.

Why is COVID 19 causing eating disorder? People are taking advantage of the fact that they are alone. They can now eat alone. There is no one to judge them. Who is there to stop them? It’s a dangerous cycle. Slipping and reforming. Slipping again and trying to reform again.

You can do better

If you have an eating disorder covid19 can really mess things up because there is really a lot of anxiety. One can feel out of control. One thing you need to know is that you deserve better. Don’t slip back into a coronavirus eating disorder. Besides slipping, there are those who will develop a coronavirus eating disorder just because of having to stay at home with access and availability of food just a few steps away.

We need to be concerned about any coronavirus eating disorder. People who have been there and are now in control should raise awareness of this.

During the lockdown, social media can be a contributing factor. Since people have all the time, some people might feel like there is no reason to be healthier, there is no reason to lose weight and all. But people are wrong. You need to make healthier meals and exercise like you used to. You need to avoid over eating in isolation.

The thing is lockdown stress eating is an emotional disorder. It becomes an escape for many people and a way to cope and manage depressing emotions and feelings. If you were a person who was outgoing, being alone in the apartment can be stressful.

The thing is, there are a lot of family members who have no idea the extent of the eating disorders that their loved ones have. So, for those who have a family with an eating disorder covid19 has become an eye-opener while isolating together. And this can really cause a lot of tension between family members.

If you really want to help a member of your family handle their condition better, the only way to do this is to avoid conflict. Try and be compassionate when voicing your concerns. Ask them politely to seek professional help. Being confrontational will worsen the situation and encourage lots of secrecy.

Just like alcoholism and drug addiction, eating disorders should be treated as an illness. So, you need to understand that its not their fault. It’s not a choice. They are sick. A word of advice is to approach this matter delicately and support them with their disorder like you would have if they had some other disease.

If you are the one who is struggling with an eating disorder during the pandemic, don’t beat yourself too hard. Be kind to yourself. Seek help if you can’t do it alone.

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