Those who believe in starsigns will tell you that different zodiac signs have different ways of coping with things. When the coronavirus was officially announced as a global pandemic, there were those people who ran across their cities stripping grocery shelves and supermarket shelves bare. Then there are those who just chilled and did their normal shopping.

Well, today on Love is All Colors, we are going to take a look at how different zodiac signs have been coping during this scary coronavirus time. Read on for more and see what lockdown traits your sign possesses…

How are different zodiac stars coping with the coronavirus crisis

These have been challenging times. People’s lives have been disrupted and for some people, life had become harder for some zodiac signs more than others. The thing is, people reacted differently. Now one thing you will realize about all this is that some of the things said in here might resonate with you. Maybe some of it won’t. Maybe when you read all this it will make you understand why your spouse or the people around you are reacting as they are.

So how have you really been coping with self-isolation? Wondering what your star sign says about you? Here are some of your starsigns lockdown traits…

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are known to be very bold and ambitious. Plus, they always love to be the first at everything. Seeing as I have that in mind, it is the main reason why we MUST put them at the top. We have to start with them first.

It comes as no surprise to me at all that during the lockdown, the trait is BOSSY! Yap. Aries loves to dive into things head first even during the most challenging situations. And during the lockdown, that is how they have been behaving too. Even when they are solo, self-isolating, they have no issues doing it alone. They are individualists.

Now, much as they can do it alone pretty well, the main issue is the confinement. Basically, this confinement feels like an infringement of their personal independence. The caging is very frustrating to the Aries. So, telling an Aries not to exercise or telling them the number of times they need to exercise isn’t their cup of tea.

Clearly, the Aries has to be outdoors. Being forced to self-isolate has been really frustrating for these guys. So, if you are an Aries, let’s hope while you are at it, you are maintaining social distancing.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Represented by the bull, looking at star signs personalities, this sign just behaves like the animal that represents it. The Taureans does enjoy a relaxing and serene kind of environments. The lockdown trait for these guys is calmness. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they enjoy all things soft: soft sounds, soothing scents as well as luscious flavors.

Now apparently, if you go to the supermarket and find that there is no tissue on the shelves, blame it on the Taurus. This is because they like being calm and reassured. So, it makes sense that they would stock up their cupboards just so they can feel calm, safe, and secure. They like feeling relaxed. So, their shelves are stocked up with enough tissue and tuna cans that’s for sure.

One thing they are also known for is habit. The moment they get used to some routine, it’s hard to kick it. So, for them, now that they have gotten used to the lockdown routine, going back to business, as usual, will take them a while. I wonder how they will deal…

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The Gemini likes gets things done. If there are starsigns that wish that they would have an extra pair of hands or that the hours of the day were like 20 just so they could everything on their list done, that’s Gemini for you. These ones are the busybodies of the zodiac signs. Always interested in pursuing something.

Now, one trait that has been very noticeable is that they always want to feel connected to the world. So, if you want news about the coronavirus situation, ask the Gemini. Now with all things virtual, the Gemini has been busy connecting with the world. They have been busier than ever. Boredom is something that they cannot handle one bit.

So much as they have been busy online, these starsigns can’t wait for it to all end and get out and about. So what option is left but to kill their boredom with digital newsfeeds. That is how they are surviving the lockdown. We can safely call these guys faithful news gatherers – the ‘know it alls’ of lockdown. They are busy scouring the internet for what’s new. So if you are looking for hard facts about what’s going on with the world, ask a Gemini.

Well, in order to be safe, you need the information. Thanks a lot, Gemini. Gathering info is what the Gemini has been feeding on to stay calm.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The water sign represented by the crab. These guys are both emotional and maternal. Now you know you can’t say mother without thinking about intuition and psychic. Well, that I can relate to. I am a Cancerian. Unfortunately, that intuitive thing didn’t work for me this time. I had no idea 2020 was going to turn out this way, lockdown and all.

Anyway, when talking about star signs personalities one thing for sure is that Cancers are great at picking up the energies in a room.

Do you know those starsigns that have been bothering people with pictures of their banana bread online? They are probably Cancer. They are perfect during the lockdown. Staying at home is kind of their thing. So now that we are self-isolating, that personal time they have to themselves is heavenly.

Even with people running around depleting grocery stores, these domestic peeps are great even with the threat of short supply of things. Now if you are quarantining with Cancer, you are lucky as they will make you feel nurtured and protected.

So, while the rest of us were panicking at the ‘stay at home’ announcement, that was music to Cancers. So, keep making that pot of soup and baking banana bread for the rest of us.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The attention seeker is here. Where is the red carpet? Please roll it out. The Leo starsigns have graced us with their presence. And you wonder why? When they are the kings and queens of the jungle… the lions and the lionesses. Think royalty when you think about the Leos – theatrics, vivacious, passionate. If there is someone who loves the spotlight as well as themselves, its this star sign.

So why is it shocking you that they love telling others what to do? This extrovert isn’t really doing well with being caged. So, the only way they are surviving, now that they have fewer people to order around is to pamper themselves. Seeing as you are used to speaking and people listening, too bad for you. Try hosting some virtual parties them…

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Yap. There goes your OCD germophobes having a party over the fact that everyone has to constantly wash their hands and sanitize. These starsigns lockdown favorite pastime is cleaning. Being systematic and logical in everything they do, that deep cleaning is a blast to them. They are perfectionists. So, you need not worry about being around them – trust me, they have perfectly done the sanitizing.

Well, do you know what a Virgo is doing right now? Color-coding their closets and getting everything organized around the house and putting all their energy into following their health rituals. Their lockdown trait is anxiety.

What did you expect? They are always anxious. Virgo, now you have all the time in the world to make lists and clean. Just don’t rip your skin off while at it. The rest of us need to be ready for constant talks and lectures about proper hygiene.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

These are the peaceful starsigns. Their main trait is agreeing with everyone. They love balance and harmony, symmetry and equilibrium in all aspects of life. All they are obsessed with is that everyone is happy. So, if you are stuck with a Libra at home, expect special foods and special treatment. Being compliant is how they are surviving the lockdown.

Social distancing and isolation are getting on their nerves. They thrive on staying connected. Skype, zoom parties… they have been keeping at it with the virtual world.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

If you think that the Scorpio is bothered about social distancing, think again. Their main trait is resilience. Their inner life is richer. So, if there is one of the zodiac stars doing quite well during the lockdown, it’s the Scorpios. They are naturally private and easily adapt to various situations. They know how to beat the odds.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This is one of the starsigns that likes to focus on the future. So, they will search for knowledge so as to be able to face the future. One thing they are is spontaneous. So, the lockdown has killed their entertainment. To counter all this, these are the guys who keep forwarding jokes and amusing videos. They like making jokes about everything around them. That is how they are surviving the lockdown.

Much as they like getting rebellious whenever their freedom is squashed, they see the bigger picture. Even with the lockdown, no one can come in between their jogging around the block and jogging.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

These guys are suckers for rules. Even with the deprivation of the lockdown, these guys are self-disciplined. They are obeying every public health rule. Every minute of the day counts for them. They take every FDR word to heart. They are followers of all the guidelines.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This is one of the free-spirited starsigns and people’s people. So, you can imagine how the lockdown is messing them up. Now, one thing I got to stay is that everything to them is a conspiracy and the rest of us are too late to realize it. So, they believe that their logic is what will save them from this crisis. Everything has to be questioned.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Another water sign like Cancer. This is the last zodiac sign with symbols of two fish. This is a fantasy sign. They are the dreamers. They are taking an idealistic approach during the lockdown. Seeing as they are overwhelmed by the crisis, they are the ones watching burying themselves in reruns of romcoms and movies. When it comes to being organized and being prepared for the future, the Pieces aren’t even stocking up. They believe that there will be a better future. So, they are staying positive and surrounding themselves with all the positive energy around them.

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