Is there a particular reason why glasses are sexy on most people who wear them? We must admit that these days, the men and women who spot glasses make them appear hot. It is like glasses usually give someone an upgrade from what they actually look like. If you think that glasses are a no-no, you need to think again. If you think the geeky, intelligent look is a no for you, it has become the look of choice that has been trending.

Read on as we examine this strange, yet hot look…

What makes glasses make people look hot?

One of the things that come to the top of my head is that Harry Potter made glasses cool. Have glasses become one of the most common fetishes? Whatever the idea behind it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that these days we see celebrities and the hottest people with glasses.

Now we all have a type. So, if your type is the ‘Harry Potter’ type, who are we to judge. One thing most people who end up falling for men and women who wear glasses will tell you that it is not that they go actively looking for someone who wears glasses.

That said though, whether it is the sunglasses or reading glasses, most people are spotting the look because they think glasses are sexy. You might find even those with no underlying eye issues wearing them just so that they can also be in the glasses wave.

So, what really makes people look handsome in glasses and magnetically beautiful in glasses? Let’s take a look.

The Superman look

Here I am sure most ladies and guys alike will agree with me on this one. The dude wears those glasses perfectly. Ken Clark really pulled off the glasses look. Plus, what made it even better is how the dude used to bravely run into danger and rescuing people. Then there was the added hotness that is enhanced whenever he rips off his clothes. Need I continue to explain why people look handsome in glasses after that ripping off of clothes 😉?

To add on to this superhero look, we cannot forget Peter Parker/Spiderman. Do they save the world better in glasses? May be glasses are the best villain detectors. As the steps on his skateboard, one thing we can agree on is that Spiderman is one of the hottest people with glasses.

Glasses make people look intelligent. Intelligent is sexy

Most women are drawn to men who look like they are smooth, sexy geniuses. Like it or not, glasses, especially the shapes that are trending these days make everybody look more intelligent. The thing smart is sexy. Ask any woman, they will attest to this.

Glasses and books just go together

Apparently, people who love books are the best lovers. Well, it makes a lot of sense as they would probably research about various moves to lure a man or woman. The thing is, bookworms try to find ways to please a man or woman. Then have you ever been given that ‘I know you have been watching me’ look by someone who was gazing at a book then suddenly looked up? Well, that does have an arousing effect, that’s for sure.

Guys with glasses seem more reliable

One of the other reasons that glasses make people look hot is that they sort of give a vibe of someone being reliable. When you see a person with glasses the first thing that the nerdy look gives off is that this person will never let you down.

They are the indoor sunglasses

I f you are the kind of person who believes that glasses are sexy then whenever you can opt for just clear glasses whenever you are indoors. As I mentioned earlier, sunglasses have a way of making a person look like an upgraded, hotter version of themselves. So if you love how you look when you are wearing your sunglasses outside, then consider clear glasses as a substitute for when you are indoors so that you don’t look like a douche wearing sunglasses indoors. Glasses are your best solution.

Harry Potter made glasses cool

When thinking about this, I remember this episode of ‘Two and a Half Men’ where Jake had put up posters of sexy women on the wall of his bedroom. Now when the grown-ups left he put some glasses on and addressed the posters saying, “Hello ladies. I am Harry Potter” in that British accent. I am sure that British accent that people really love actually made the Harry Potter look pretty sexy. Look at Halloween and how lots of people like spotting the Harry Potter look. Now if there is a guy that made the nerdish look be sexy, it is Harry Potter.

People with glasses fully embrace that look

One thing that makes glasses make you look hot is that people believe that you have embraced the look. The thing with people who wear glasses is that they never hide under contact lenses. They really don’t care about what people think of their looks. These people usually embrace the nerdy look. And that bold statement of “I love the way I look and don’t need to pretend to be someone I am not” is what makes people believe that glasses are sexy.

Glasses make people stand out from the crowd

What makes glasses make you look hot is that you get noticed faster and more than men or women who don’t have glasses on. The thing is, even the men who would normally ignore you will notice you when you have them on. One might not like how you dress, but the glasses will make them notice your eyes. Glasses are a magnetic accessory, one most people can’t ignore.

When those glasses come off, you know its time for some sexy business

There goes your green light. Someone wants to get their sex on. It’s like the moment those glasses come off, you know it the green light that things are about to go down. It’s sexy time! It’s kind of like saying that taking the glasses off makes them see even more clearly when they are getting down to business.

Have I done enough convincing about why you need to consider this nerdish look? Well, if you think I am lying, how about searching for hot celebrities that wear glasses. That my friend will change your mind because many of them really look hot. Plus, glasses have become trendy.

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