You are in a room and you see this cute man or woman approaching and all you feel is a magnetic force pulling you towards them. Even without them uttering a word, you feel an instant connection to them. You feel like you can’t outrun that feeling and can’t wait to talk to them and see where it all goes.

As you get closer to them, your heart is beating faster than usual. You start wondering whether you dressed right and look attractive enough for them. Its love at first sight for you. Then comes that doubting question in your mind: Does he/she feel that instant attraction too?

This flash of instant attraction is a powerful thing; one that shouldn’t be ignored if you are single. Lots of people claim they knew the minute they laid eyes on someone, that they would be their future spouses. That flash connection is a great sign. At least you are sure you are sexually attracted to this person.

Here is how you know they feel the same way?

1. Have you caught this person staring at you?

Before you even walk across the room to say “hello”, try seeing if this person is also checking you out. If you catch his or her eyes every time you turn their way, then they are definitely feeling that same vibe too.

2. How does he or she respond after you say hi for the first time?

Normally, instant attraction comes with being nervous. And being nervous means you like someone so much that you don’t want anything about you to screw things up. So if someone starts being goofy around you, then there is something there.

3. The conversation

Is this person trying to get to know you? Are they asking personal questions? Are they teasing you in a playful way and laughing at your stories? Does this person seem happy around you? If the answer is yes to all the above, then you have nailed it!

4. Did this person seem disappointed that you had to leave?

When you meet someone for the first time, at some point, one of you will have to leave. If someone is interested, they will definitely convince you to stay a little longer. Some would choose to forgo something they had to do. Others will take the plunge and kiss you. And that kissing, if great, might lead to some mind-blowing sex…

5. Did they communicate after you left?

If they contact you as soon as you leave, then it means the connection was there. All you have to gauge after that is how soon and how often they do so. And if they ask to see you again, then it’s confirmed: There was an instant attraction towards you too.

Happy Valentine’s day!