Sensitive, nurturing, the Cancer male has all the attributes of the perfect, generous lover. He is courtly, waiting a bit before jumping into a sexual relationship. He wants to be sure the relationship has a future, not a timeline. Plus, he is a bit old fashioned. He wants to take the lead and teach you the wondrous ways of sex with him.

Dirty talk is a bit of a turn off for him. He is a mama’s boy in the sense that he really likes women. He prefers sex to be gentle and focused on what makes his partner feel good. When the affair begins, he is content to spend day into night into morning into the afternoon in bed with you. He will then do it all over again.

With one very important exception, the Cancer man prefers to love you with his eyes while the rest of both of your bodies are merging. Missionary position is a favorite. He prefers to prop himself on his arms during sex so he can gaze into your eyes. The woman on top is also a winner. This is because he loves to study your face as your movements quicken, and your climax approaches. A secondary benefit to the Cancer man is the view he gets of your breasts as you undulate. Expect him to reach for and caress them. Breasts are an enormous turn on for the Moon man.

If you are willing to use your breasts as a vagina-substitute, your Cancer man will be in heaven. You on you back and he crouched above thrusting between your breasts is the ultimate for the Cancer male. It doesn’t hurt the mood one bit if you sneak a little lick or kiss as his penis almost meets your lips. Expect him to be over the moon with you if you let him love you this way. He will beg you to tell him how he can bring you the same level of pleasure, any particular way your heart and body desires.

The other sex position the Cancer man revels in is the classic oral sex pose or 69. If you look at the zodiac symbol for Cancer you will see the familiar sideways “69,” the sign of the crab. Oral sex really brings the crab out of his shell. He does miss out on the eye to eye contact. But he more than makes up for it with the many ways each of you delights in this incredibly intimate position.

Finally, your Cancer lover will take you both off to dream time in the penultimate spoon position. Good for a gentle approach to intercourse, Cancer also loves to cuddle with you after sex, pulling you into the curves of his body. It doesn’t hurt that he can stroke your breasts as your drift off. Once he has opened up and let you into his life, the Cancer man wants you close and well aware of how very much he loves you.