When Kasia joined our site, she had no idea she would meet her future husband here. “I wasn’t very optimistic, but I have a few friends who have met great guys online,” she says.

Napoleon thought our site offered an easier way to meet people. “I was attracted to the convenience of being able to chat with women without leaving my home,” he says. But Napoleon gave himself a “0% chance” of finding “the one” online.

Happily, they were both wrong.

“At first, it was his looks that drew me to read his profile,” Kasia confides. “Then, after I read it, I wanted to know everything about him.”

We’re always telling female members to find the men they like and contact them – a 21st Century approach to a 21st Century technology. But many women remain traditional and want to wait for someone special to find them.

Kasia broke with that tradition, and ultimately married the man she contacted. Napoleon was certainly glad she found his profile and Flirted with him. “I liked her pictures and her profile,” he says. “Not to be superficial, but she is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. The personality made her complete.”

In fact, Napoleon felt so strongly, so quickly, that for their first date he flew Kasia from Florida to New York so they could spend the weekend together! “Dinner, dancing, walks on the beach,” reminisces Kasia. “Quality time, which we used to get to know each other.”

She thought Napoleon “was really nice and looked even better in person” than he did in his profile pix. Napoleon had an immediate reaction to Kasia when they met in the flesh. “This is going to seem cliché, but for me it was love at first sight,” he admits. “I had never felt this way before but by the time the weekend was over, I was convinced we would be married.”

Napoleon’s prediction proved accurate, and now these newlyweds are concentrating on sharing the joys of life with their partner and best friend.

“We have really good chemistry,” observes Kasia. “We share the same interests, and it all came together at the perfect time!”

Napoleon feels fortunate to have met someone who is so good to him. He says that “every moment we are together, she finds ways to show me that she loves me. She is so loving and sweet.”

We asked the couple what their plans are. “Building a loving family together,” says Kasia. Napoleon wants his wife to never doubt how cherished she is. “My plans are to show Kasia why she is special to me and make sure she is happy, every day!”