The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. No more talking behind a screen. It was about time you two went on a date. You‘re meeting face to face in just a few hours and you‘re stressing over what to wear, where to go and what to say. Is she the real deal or are you about to make a huge mistake?  You turn to your friends, your mother and literally anyone you have on your phone who could give you advice but guess what…. Nobody picks up… You’re left all alone freaking out over your date. And that’s probably when you decide to google it! And voila! The answer to your prayers in the form of an online article.

Let’s take this step by step. Do NOT panic!

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1. Choose a safe first date location

You should recommend a bar/cafe/restaurant or other location that you are familiar with. A place where you’ve been many times before. However, this certainly does not mean that you should go on a first date at your local pub with your buddies staring at you instead of watching the ongoing football match or end up in some posh restaurant. It should be a bar or restaurant where you know what to expect. Trust me, surprises are the last thing you need right now. Knowing the barman or a couple of waiters and being familiar with the menu is definitely something that will contribute to you having a great evening and feeling more confident and secure. Even if the date turns sour, at least you won’t end up with an astronomical bill or food poisoning and you‘ll have the required peace of mind to concentrate on your date

2. Don’t make her wait

You have already set the time and place. Be punctual. It is really frustrating having to wait for someone – let alone when it’s a first date – and it certainly won’t be taken as a good sign. If you said you’ll be meeting her at 8 o’clock, be there ten minutes earlier and show her that you’ve been waiting for this date like crazy. Show her that nothing can get in your way when it comes to meeting her. If she is running late, don’t say anything about it. It’s better to pretend as if nothing happened. Sometimes women do that on purpose in order to test your patience.

3. Say something nice

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There she is and she looks amazing! Your legs are shaking, which is a good thing, and you are left speechless. Huge mistake. She probably spent the last couple of hours getting ready for you and even though not many women admit – she does expect you to comment on her looks. You don’t have to exaggerate by saying something stupid like, “you look better than Beyonce”, or “the moon looks pale next to you”. It will sound ridiculous. And ridiculous is not what you‘re going for. Keep it simple and nice. You can just say “you are very beautiful tonight”. This should be enough to break the ice and make her feel flattered because it’s the truth right?

Quick tip: You can give her a gentle kiss on the chic but only if you‘ve known her from before. Otherwise this could come across as intimidating.

4. What’s next

Last but not least, you should give her a call or at least text her the day after the date. Let her know that you had a great time and that you would like to see her again. If that is too much for you, you can simply send a good morning text. Putting a smile on her face is a great way to start your day. If you don’t contact her in any way she will simply assume that you are not interested and that your date did not go as well for you as it went for her. Texting her in a couple of days after the date is not a good idea as this could make her feel that she is not your first choice or that you‘re seeing other girls too. Don’t make her wait and don’t make her contact you first.

These were 4 and basic moves to impress her on your first date. Relax and be yourself no matter what.

P.S. You should always be honest. Big words will only make your life harder in the future and nobody likes a liar anyway. You’re on your own now. Good luck out there!