Whether a relationship is bad or good, people have found themselves cheating on their spouses. Much as people cite temptation, for most people, infidelity is a great deal breaker. But if you are in a great relationship, can cheating be avoided?

Below are some of the options available to you as opposed to cheating on a spouse:

1. Speak openly about it:

If you find yourself entertaining the thought of cheating, the best thing to do is probably open up about it to your spouse. There may be issues you might need to address, issues which may be pushing you towards infidelity. Be open about these with your spouse and deal with them in order to get your relationship back on track.

Sometimes the relationship may be great but you just want to step out in order to spice things up. You might be shocked your spouse could be open to an open relationship. You will never know this unless you ask.

2. Consider Couple’s counseling

Sometimes, all a relationship needs is a fresh set of ears and perspective from an impartial third party. Couples counseling has been known to assist most couples get to the place of ‘real talk’. This has been known to break communication barriers and help partners solve some issues they may be experiencing.

But for it to work, both of you should be open to it and willing to work on your issues through counseling. So if both of you are cool with such mediation, the sooner you do it, the better – before things get out of hand.

3. Revamp your sex life

In the world of routines and living with one another a couple’s romance and chemistry may get watered down. So long as you have noticed this, find ways to spice things up.

Be open with each other and try out new things. The idea of sexing things up could be what you are looking for from cheating. And if both of you are motivated to saving the relationship, that sexual thrill and intrigue can be found and reawakened within your own relationship.

4. Hang out with people who believe in you as a couple

As a couple you need to surround yourselves with people who support and admire your relationship. Spend time with people who remind you just how great you are together. Sometimes all that is needed is that reassurance that your relationship isn’t worth screwing up.

5. Jot down what you love about your partner.

Think about all the great qualities your partner has as a reminder to yourself of how special he or she is. Be going through the list regularly. This helps one stop focusing on the negative, giving them more reason to fight for the relationship.

6. If the relationship is worth fighting for then keep at it.

If you are still in love with your partner, and feel the relationship is worth your all, then by all means give it your all. If you know cheating is a deal breaker for your relationship and you value being with this person, then use the above methods to keep working at making it better.

7. Know how to choose your battles.

Some relationships get to a point of no return. The issues may run deeper than just an urge to cheat on your spouse.  You need to know when to keep fighting for the relationship and when to stop.

These are times when taking a break or breaking up seems to be the best solution. In this case, it’s better to break up that to hurt someone by cheating on them. If you feel you deserve someone better, or a better relationship, the only way to get there is to let go of your current relationship.