Online dating works. There are people who use it as the sole way of meeting new people and there are those who swear by how well it has worked for them. These days, instead of people walking into a bar to interact with people they are going to social events in the hopes that they might make a connection with some stranger, they just sit in their own space and look for companionship online. This is rather unfortunate for those people who only believe in the traditional way of meeting someone as some feel some deep sense of rejection and loneliness.

So why do most people find online dating better? Scroll on as we explore this popular way of dating…

Online dating vs traditional dating

Online dating has become a trend that has changed how people used to score for dates. Before its advent, people used to rely on actively making real-life interactions with others. But looking at traditional dating vs online dating, we are being met by a strange reality where a person can make friends, score a quick date from dating apps and even fall in love and eventually get married. And all this begins with just sitting at the computer or with a little swipe on their smartphones. The real-life interaction comes later after an online connection has been formed.

Let us look at online dating vs traditional dating in detail in light of why online dating works…


Imagine the number of dating websites out there. Then there are the thousands of members that most dating websites have. Compared to traditional dating, this is the true case of dating made easy. It is convenient and can be done in the comfort of the home. So you don’t need to use up all the physical energy you have left after a hard day’s hopping from bar to bar in the hopes that a stranger will talk to you. Plus, with online dating, you can go through profiles and profiles between 10 to 100 times than you would meet a stranger and interact with in real life.


Then there is the free memberships that most sites have. This is one of the main advantages of online dating. So you don’t have to spend a dime to taste the waters. Plus the choices are endless. You can always cancel the membership of a site you don’t like without breaking the bank.

The number and options

When analyzing traditional dating vs online dating, dating sites are the only places where you will find millions of singles in one place and with similar goals. So the number of choices are endless. If I may ask, how many people would you hope to find at a social gathering or club for instance that are looking to meet someone new? 50? 100 maybe? And with such places, you are never even sure the ones that are single. So your possibilities of interacting with a single person will even be less than the actual number at the event or spot. Online dating works because the millions or are online are single for the most part.

Breaking the ice

The truth about dating when it comes to breaking the ice is that there is less pressure online vs offline. This is where online dating works. See, when approaching someone online, one has time. So you have the time to actually coin a message and perfect it before approaching someone. Plus, it is also easier because there us less fear of rejection and the awkwardness that comes with it as you won’t have to deal with bystanders. It is less private. This privacy with rejection gives people more confidence when approaching others online hence increasing their chances.

With the traditional approach, there is the chance of a crowd laughing at your rejection. And this fear of this embarrassment might make one walk away from approaching a potential mate. Traditional dating puts more pressure on that pick up line to be funny and charming. And having to come up with it instantly can result in a massive fail.


A look inside internet dating we find that one of the advantages of online dating is that one is not limited to their own area. You have easy access to a wide network of people from different areas or all over the world. So if you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind relocating for love, the chances of forming online relationships are increased because of this.

On the other hand, with our busy schedules, what are the odds that you will dress up and travel for hours to a different state just to meet singles? It might end up being a total waste of time and money as there are no guarantees that you will meet someone who catches your fancy. So you end up being stuck with the same restaurants and places. But with online dating, you can expand your physical boundaries, hence, increasing your chances of finding the person you can truly connect with. Plus, if you want the truth about dating someone who lives miles away, check out the success stories and get inspiration on hoe some online couples have managed to overcome long distance relationship problems.

Bad things about online dating

Having looked at the comparison that focuses on online dating works and the benefits of online dating, let’s dig a little deeper inside internet dating into the cons of online relationships.

The lies…

Studies have found that more than half of online dating profiles are based on lies and over-embellished truths. Women lie about their age, men, on the other hand, tend to lie about how much they earn. Its easier to lie when you are not talking to someone face to face.


The good thing with traditional dating is that you can gauge and determine the chemistry immediately. So you get to share lots of information as well as read one’s body language. So if there isn’t much in common, you can walk away sooner. With online dating, it might take a little back and forth for months which, unfortunately, only determines the online chemistry. One thing you need to realize is that happy couple online can be otherwise offline. The chemistry might dwindle after the first date after having spent weeks or months chatting only to realize there are no real-life sparks.

Addictive and at times frustrating

One of the other bad things about online dating is that the online addiction is real. This has made us form some unhealthy habits that make us avoid real-life interactions. It’s become like online shopping. So most times we are so busy looking for and overexercising and over-analyzing potential mates online – based on some superficial comparisons available online – that we fail to recognize a potential mate in real life.

Now, in the beginning, online dating can be so much fun. But if nothing is coming out of it – a date or relationship – it tends to get cumbersome and frustrating. And this frustration is the main reason why we find bad online reviews on even the most reputable dating websites. Some people misplace their frustrations and take their failures out on the dating website.

Online dating works as 20% of the relationships today begin online

Are online relationships real? Here is one of the interesting facts about dating online dating. As per research, 1 in 5 relationships begins online. And the number is similar to marriages too. So going by science, online dating does work. You can find more statics online and also check out real life success stories on most online dating sites.

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