Aquarius men are deep and meaningful. They can be somewhat cold and distant and they love sex. They also love conversation, intellect, creativity and gadgets. So, if you want to turn on an Aquarius man, you need to get into his head. You should have a well-stocked toy box to hand.

Aquarius men like to have sex pretty much anywhere. They love a partner with a free spirit and an open mind. They get bored easily so variety and spontaneity are always essential if you want to keep an Aquarius man happy, horny and ready for action.

Because Aquarius men are most stimulated by an intellectual connection, sexual positions that allow easy communication are the best. Of course, this doesn’t mean that standard vanilla missionary sex is recommended. Far from it. In fact, standing and sitting positions are going to be the positions most likely to keep an Aquarius man interested and excited. As Aquarius men love gadgets and variety, using slings and swings are sure ways to keep things fresh and exciting.

Surprise an Aquarius man by staging a great space for a creative sex session. Make sure that you’ve stimulated all of his senses. Have a good, lovemaking playlist of music. Get your sling or swing ready for action. And even think about his taste buds by including things like strawberries, cream, and chocolate sauce. If you don’t have a swing or sling, set up a good strong chair that you can use if you decide to introduce a bit of bondage.

If you’re using a swing or sling, the best position for an Aquarius man is going to be with you in the sling and him, between your legs, standing. He can use the sling to control the pace and intensity of his thrusts. And you can tell him exactly what you are thinking.

The more you talk to him, the more he’s going to enjoy it. Tell him what you like and how you like it. Talk about your dirtiest fantasies and especially tell him exactly when it feels good. Never forget that for Aquarius men it’s all in their head. Working on an intense mental connection when he’s fucking you means you are stimulating his biggest erogenous zone.

If you are using a chair, the best sexual position for an Aquarius man would be for him to sit and you to sit on his lap facing him.Wrap your legs around him and alternate between riding him like a bucking bronco and then slowing it down to a teasing pace that will drive him wild and make him desperate to take control.

If you want to take that sort of game to the next level, tie his hands behind his back and stop riding him every so often to give him a little show. Dance for him or masturbate while he watches.

Don’t forget the gadgets though. Aquarius men love toys. Keep them close to hand along with your favorite lube and use them. Encourage him to use them too. It’s almost impossible to shock an Aquarius man during sex but it’s very easy to bore one, so stay one step ahead by showing him how creative you are and sharing that with him. If you can demonstrate to an Aquarius man that you are as connected to him sexually as you are intellectually, he will guarantee you a sex life that will never be boring.