Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is an air sign, like Libra and Gemini. Air signs are charming, impulsive, and creative, and the favorite sex positions of Aquarius women reflect this. If you are dating an Aquarius woman, get ready to trip the light fantastic in a variety of fun, funky sexual positions!

The Aquarius woman is curious and open to experimentation. She is quite likely to enjoy looking at a book with all kinds of crazy positions. She may want to try them all, so be prepared for some lighthearted experimentation. Here are some interesting ones that are sure to be in her repertoire:

The Wheelbarrow

This is a variation on the rear-entry, or “doggie-style”, position in which the woman braces herself with her arms on the floor or on the bed (depending on the height of her partner) and extends her legs straight out behind her. The man holds her legs like the arms of a wheelbarrow as he lines up behind her and, um, plows her fields. It’s a creative and lighthearted spin on an age-old position that can cause some giggles as well as plenty of fun and pleasure.

The Leg Over

In this position, the woman lies mainly on her back, but with her hips rotated to the side. The man kneels, lining up to enter her as she lifts up her upper leg, then he pulls her leg over his shoulder, which joins them close together and allows him to enter her more deeply. It might take a bit practice to get the angle right. once everyone is lined up properly, this position is great. This allows for the deeper penetration of doggy-style sex. It also allows the partners to face each other. The man, in particular, gets to have fun playing the let’s-make-those-boobies-bounce game.

The Table-Ender

Since Aquarius is such a spontaneous sign, the Aquarius woman may want to entertain her urges in impromptu places. If she and her partner find themselves getting frisky in the kitchen, why bother trying to make it to the bedroom when there’s a table handy?

The Aquarius woman may choose to sit at the edge of the table while her partner stands. She may bend over and the guy enters her from behind. Tables are usually high enough so that the lady can lie flat instead of having to support herself on her hands. This can give a lovely feeling of surrender. If a couple is into a domination scenario the man can restrain the woman’s hands behind her back. She will still get full support of the table. With this stability, the man can apply as much vigor as he wants, and the Aquarius woman can lose herself in the feeling of their connection without worrying about her hands or arms getting tired.

There are plenty of other things to do and ways to do them. This woman has the curiosity and sense of adventure to try all sorts of interesting positions and techniques. As you can see, with an Aquarius woman, it’s all about spontaneity, pleasure, and fun!