What is all this curiosity and rave about having sex with a Scorpio? For some reason, ‘Scorpio’ has always been synonymous with ‘sex’. Apparently, these natives love sex… on a different level. Why is this so? What is the reason behind the Scorpio sex drive? Is there a reason behind it or is all this merely mythology?

Read on as we explore this and more…

Why are Scorpios so sexual

Is it emotional? Are they inherently passionate or is it a way of compensating for their introverted nature? Is it simply sexual appetite and stamina or just using the stereotype as an opportunity to fulfill their quirky and extreme fetishes?

The 7th sense theory

People usually assume that Scorpios just love having sex. And that they are too horny to even get satisfied. Apparently, to a Scorpio, sex is a way they use to respond to the world around them. There are a lot of things that can turn on a Scorpio. A simple conversation could be just as good as foreplay. To them, sex is a means of communication. They believe that all thoughts and ideas and everything unspoken come out during sex.

The experiences of Scorpio sex life

What sex is like

When having sex with a Scorpio you need to understand that they are usually consciously aware of everything that’s happening during sex – from the touch to the breathing. Every smile, laugh, smell, taste, hesitation, drop of swear, shudder, scream… doesn’t skip the attention of this highly sexual horoscope sign. They are passionate like that. So when having sex with Scorpio, you will experience sensual, emotional and psychological exchange of electric energy like you have never experienced before.

This exchange of energies transmits hopes, dreams, strengths, weaknesses that make the bonding experience when you have a Scorpio woman in bed otherworldly. The sex is deep. It’s exhausting. It is surreal and sometimes even scary.

How to handle a Scorpio’s sex/lust drive

For the young Scorpios, teenagers especially, dealing with the Scorpio sex drive can be very overwhelming, confusing and difficult. Most of the young adults don’t understand the intense nature of their Scorpio sexual traits and energy.

This begins as early as 9 years of age. Compared to their counterparts, the sexual curiosity of the Scorpio pre-teens is very high. They tend to read and research a lot about sex as well as physically explore their sexuality, usually before their peers.

This, however, is not something they should feel ashamed about.

As they grow much older, the Scorpio sex life becomes one of the total exploration and awakening of some dangerous lusts – most of them desire to engage in sexually deviant acts never to be spoken aloud.

Because of this, the advisable thing is to be in a monogamous relationship with a partner who understands this kind of sexual desire, energy, and stamina. This way, for instance, a Scorpio man sex drive and desires will be channeled discretely and monogamously. Otherwise, they will be consumed by their own sexual energy which might lead them to live dangerously doing self-destructive sexual things.

What a Scorpio woman desires in bed

One thing you will discover when you have a Scorpio woman in bed is that she knows what she wants when it comes to her sexual desires. These women are intense. And when it comes to having her sexual fantasies fulfilled in real life, she will never get tired of plotting ways until it happens.

So she is obsessed with sex. That’s what the sign is all about. The thing is, the Scorpio woman can go into the anticipation and planning of the perfect sexual encounter. Most people believe that these women can make a career out of tracing the ultimate sexual experience. So if you find yourself about to have sex with a Scorpio, you are in for a wild ride.

Given this tendency to set the stage one of the Scorpio sexual traits is that the Scorpio woman plays the lead when it comes to fantasy sex role-plays which more often than not, she has choreographed herself.

Sexual acts

When having sex with her you need to tread with caution. They tend to be very experimental and into BDSM. So you might find yourself playing a submissive role in her games as she wields a teasing whip. So if you want her to fully enjoy the sexual experience then you need to know that domination is what tickles the fancy of this dark and intense woman. So if you are down with it you will experience a whole new level of sexu­­al satisfaction as well as meeting her quirky sexual needs.

So when having sex with Scorpio woman, then don’t sweat it if ­she inflicts a little pain during sex. She might even let the pain infliction go both ways and beg you to match her prickle for prickle. Her desire is intense. Therefore, she might demand that both of you break through boundaries during sex. For her, anything goes – sex toys, unusual sex positions, breaking taboos like anal sex… All these may light her fire.

Her talk is as passionate as her actions. She is very descriptive about how she wants to be taken or how she plans to take control. She loves those late-night steamy phone calls and texts which will put both of you on the edge of the knife.

If you are wondering, why are Scorpios so sexual, then you need to realize that that is how they are wired – body, mind, and soul.  So you won’t have to wonder what she wants. She will show you how much she desires wild, unpredictable sex in detail.

Don’t be shocked if she shares all details of her sexual secrets while having dinner at your local bistro. She will lead you on and lead you on to a point of making you want to skip dinner.

Sex positions?

Finally, the sex part. Pay attention to the rush of feelings and sensations. With a Scorpio woman, the sexual position becomes irrelevant. What she deems favorite is the position that gets both of you off at that particular moment. With her, it’s not about struggling to maintain acrobatics. Just take her and melt into her eyes. What matters is that you maintaining that psychic contact during sex. So any position where there you can be face to face so that you maintain eye contact is what she will almost always prefer. And you know what? She won’t care who takes the driver’s seat…

What a Scorpio man desires in bed

When it comes to understanding sex with a Scorpio man, the question of his favorite sexual positions should be the least of your worries. What you should be asking yourself is: Do I have enough energy and stamina to be able to please as well as satisfy a Scorpio man sex drive? Do you have what it takes to meet the level of sexual passion demanded by such a man?

Scorpio men do not subscribe to any particular way. What he is after is not the how. He is after the breadth and depth of the ultimate sexual experience, not some crazy set of acrobatics.

Sexual acts…

I have used plural “acts” intentionally. A Scorpio man wants robust sexual encounters of any variety. Whatever the time, your Scorpio man is craving, pondering, imagining, and wanting sex

Much as the precise position is not important, the level of arousal is his obsession. He is very sensual with his foreplay. He will tease you with his words, his lips, his fingers, build all that anticipation and then … STOP.

Just like his female counterpart, the Scorpio man loves thinking about and planning sex just as much as he enjoys the act itself. BDSM, role-playing and preparing for all this play is all part of the thrill.

Scorpio sex

Sex with a Scorpio is an intense and stretched affair. You need to know that before the act itself, he has been crafting the perfect approach to your mutual orgasmic flight… probably even for days. Expect ardor and intensity beyond your wildest expectations.  This is the moment of truth… when rehearsal moves to performance.

He loves the look-into-your-eyes moves as the tension builds. This is the kind of sign that precisely cares about how his prowess in lovemaking takes you to an unworldly level. He might add a little pain to your sexual experience. Powerful thrusting, fingernails scratching, playful bites … all these enhancements are just little pleasurable stings from your scorpion.

With the Scorpio man, you need to tell him what he wants… slow or fast, gentle or rough. The thing about this man is that he gets off on watching you find your own sexual triggers. He will get hornier watching you masturbate as you guide him on how to please you. Expect him to also tell you how he wants to take you.

For him, nothing is taboo. Oral, anal, he is down for any kind of sexual stimulation and is eager to push you past any boundaries raised. Brace yourself to wrestle and squeal, brought to as he brings you to a level of sexual arousal and earth-shattering resolve that you didn’t think was possible.

Could it be possible that most people in the sex industry are Scorpios? If you missed favorite sex positions for other zodiac signs, visit our Horoscope and Sex section.