Virgo men love knowing how things work. They are notoriously fussy about cleanliness and have high expectations and standards in respect to everything and everyone in their lives. They tend to be creative and due to their desire to fix things, they are also great caregivers. Virgo men can be difficult to get close to as they keep their feelings very guarded. Their need for perfection can mean that they are not only hyper-critical of themselves but also of those around them. They think it’s very important to do things properly. And they will work hard towards making sure that they are able to do that.

All of these character traits make Virgo men hard work to seduce. They love sex and, because of their determination to do things well, they are often very good at it. They are not prone to random sexual encounters or any kind of spontaneity in their love lives. Virgo men are also fastidious about hygiene and some of the messier aspects of sex puts them off.

A Virgo man is most likely to want to have sex with a partner that meets his ideal fantasy. Virgo men treasure elegance and pay great attention to detail. Making sure that every hair is in place, or preferably, recently waxed, is going to be part of the ritual you’ll follow before you’re likely to have sex with a Virgo man. Virgo men are very self-analytical. They may have insecurity issues about their experience or skills in bed. A lot of encouragement and reassurance from you will help too.

Once you get past all of their weird little habits and obsessions, Virgo men make fantastic lovers. Their need to know how to do things correctly means that they are inclined to become very familiar with the anatomy of their lovers. Virgo men always have a goal in mind and that goal is the satisfaction of a job well done. They aren’t particularly romantic and sex with them may sometimes even be described as mechanical, but because of this, they are extremely efficient at giving their partners great orgasms.

You’ll probably find no man better at cunnilingus than a Virgo man. Before taking on the task presented to him, he will have made sure he’s studied up well. He will know your vagina better than you do. He’ll make sure that he pushes all the right buttons. Because Virgo men also love to nurture their partners, they make sure they completely satisfy their lovers before themselves. So, the best position to have sex with Virgo man would be lying on your back, with a pillow under your hips and his head between your legs.

Just don’t forget that everything needs to be clean and very tidy down there. Whatever you do, do not fart in bed. Once a thought gets through the head of a Virgo man it’s very difficult for him to let it just pass. So any negative experiences during sex can completely put him off, especially if it has to do with cleanliness.

With that in mind, if you have any concerns at all, having sex with a Virgo in the shower is probably the safest choice. It’s fun too. Let him soap you up a bit and then bend over and encourage him to take you from behind. This will meet his need to have everything clean and if you guide his hand so that he can reach around and get you off at the same time, he’ll feel like he’s doing everything right. That’s what a Virgo man needs.