Taurus men are strong, reliable, possessive and materialistic. They love food and know how to turn a dinner date into a real seduction. These men are fiercely loyal and are most comfortable when things don’t change very much. They aren’t very adventurous by nature. Plus they are inclined to stick with things that they know work well for them rather than try anything new.

The great thing about Taurus men is that they are patient and tolerant. They are willing to take the time to please their lover. People know them for their strong and long lasting sensual massage skills. Taurus men are also kind and thoughtful lovers. They are romantics at heart but are inclined to bottle up their feelings unless they feel absolutely safe with their partner. They enjoy surrounding themselves with beauty and can seem somewhat superficial and even hedonistic at times.

To seduce a Taurus man you must understand their enjoyment of earthly pleasures. This includes luxurious surroundings, comfort, great food and wine and travel. They love to indulge themselves and also their lovers. They prefer predictability and stability and are probably the most conservative of all star signs when it comes to sex and trying new positions.

What they will respond to is you making an effort to look good and smell good. They love to feel adored and pampered. Taurus men like things the way they have always liked them. They are unlikely to want to participate in kinky sex games or role playing. To a Taurus man, the way to sexual fulfillment is to make him look as good as you make him feel. Taurus men are turned on by knowing that others admire them, want to be like them and also, that others want you too. Incredibly possessive, they feel most powerful when they know that they have no competition. So, making them feel confident and wanted is the sexiest thing a lover can do for them.

As Taurus men love routine, they are usually incredibly happy with traditional missionary style love making. This is something they can do easily, they can feel in charge and they are unlikely to feel awkward or embarrassed. Taurus men do not like to feel that they aren’t great at something. In fact, they make very considerate lovers and because they are patient and passionate. Long love making sessions, where they focus on their partner’s pleasure, is what they do best.

If you do want to encourage a Taurus man to try something a little bit different, make sure he trusts you completely and that you’re not asking him to do anything too far outside his own experiences. Make sure he still feels in control and give him lots of reassurance. Try shimmying down the bed so that he can penetrate you from a standing position while he lifts your legs back towards your shoulders. This is close enough to missionary position to give him confidence and he’ll feel strong and powerful, especially if you’re encouraging him and telling him how great he is. Whatever you do, don’t spring any surprises. You’ll find that he’ll always make sure that he pleases you thoroughly. And he’ll be willing to go for hours to get you there.