Pisces men are gentle, soft spoken and they revel in intimacy. They can be shy and are often very in touch with their feminine side. They are also extremely artistic and intuitive. These men are more about sensuality than any other aspect of sex and they love to kiss.

Their love lives

They are generous lovers and feel most comfortable when they know they are pleasing their partners. They tend to be dreamers with active imaginations and love fantasy and role play. Sex with Pisces men is sweet, tender and very romantic.

Turning on a Pisces man is a sensuous process. As they are relatively introverted and private, they’ll feel most comfortable having sex in a safe and quiet environment without too many distractions. They’ll appreciate some low-key mood music, soft lighting, and even some scented candles.

As they love to touch and be touched, plan for some full body massage with aromatic oils to warm things up. They’ll love it if you tease them gently during the massage. Go slow. Nothing needs to be in a hurry with a Pisces. Just make sure to bring them out of their dream world and back into reality with you every so often or they might just forget that you’re there.

Sex positions

Sex positions for Pisces men should provide as much skin on skin contact as possible. Pisces don’t just have sex., They love making love. They do love fantasy though and so dressing up can be a fun way to increase the passion. For Pisces men, it’s all about the intimacy and pleasure. And they are happy to make that last as long as possible. So a quickie isn’t really going to be a Pisces favorite type of sex.

One position that will always make a Pisces happy is the classic spoon position. Allow him to wrap his whole body around you and slide into you from behind. Rocking gently back onto him slowly rhythmically will take him into his dream world. Don’t be surprised if he wants to nibble and lick your neck. He’ll also love it if you masturbate and even slip your hand back between your legs to stroke him with your hand and touch his balls. As Pisces men are incredibly intuitive he’ll know instinctively whether you’re enjoying yourself, so make sure that you do. A Pisces man likes to be asked to give pleasure and will eagerly comply.

If you want to liven things up a bit, he’ll love it if you are able to change positions without letting him slip out of you. That need for physical contact that Pisces men have is very powerful. So a really easy position to transition into would be to let him roll onto his back as you straddle him in reverse. This position is often referred to as the ‘reverse cowgirl’. It provides excellent clitoral stimulation and allows you to become the active partner. You also have easy access to his penis and balls and even his butt-hole if he’s not too shy.

Pisces men are crazily romantic so expect a lot of cuddling and caressing after you’ve had sex, which will most likely lead to more sex. It would be best to set aside plenty of time if you’re planning sex with a Pisces man because if any man can convince you to be late to work or not to go at all, it will be him.