Halloween and costume parties are way more fun when you plan your outfit with your love. Whether you have been invited to your neighbor’s end-of-summer costume barbecue extravaganza or are thinking ahead to October 31, check out the following ideas:

For Movie Lovers

If both you and your honey are movie buffs, there are tons of amazing movie-themed couples costume ideas. Go as Juno and Paulie, Aladdin and Jasmine, Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, Katniss and Peeta or any other iconic movie couple that strikes your fancy. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, go as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel from “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The guy can wear a white dress shirt, gray suit and tie and have some play handcuffs hanging out of his pocket. To capture Anastasia’s look, buy a brown wig and wear a skirt, blouse and high heels. Then, add a sequined mask and handcuffs to finish the look.

For Goofy Couples

If you both love to laugh and be as silly as possible, a food-themed couples costume is a great idea. Morphsuits.com sells a bacon and egg costume for around $45 that definitely shows off your silly side. The only problem you might have is deciding who gets to be which breakfast food.

For Academics

You enjoy long afternoons of reading and attending lectures together. Showcase your academic interests by dressing up as Neil Armstrong and the moon. Rent or buy an adult astronaut costume, and purchase some packets of Tang and freeze-dried foods as accessories. For the moon costume, transform some white fabric and foam into an orb if one of you is handy with a sewing machine. CostumesOf.com has easy-to-follow instructions as well as simpler moon ideas for less crafty types.

For Nerdy Couples

As AFOLs, or Adult Fans of LEGOs, celebrate your nerdy side by dressing as LEGO minifigures for your upcoming costume party. Instructables has great instructions on how to create a homemade male minifig costume with some foam, cardboard boxes, spray paint and, of course, a red turtleneck and blue pants. Spray paint the foam cylindrical heads the traditional LEGO yellow or paint them with your own skin tone. To make a female minifig, add a long dark brown wig and paint in some modest cleavage on the torso piece. Finish off the costumes with yellow gloves that look like minifig hands.

For Sports Fans

For your costume, think outside of the penalty box a bit and go as a hockey player and the puck. Black out the front teeth of the player, and wear a hockey jersey and heavy sweatpants. Carry a stick and look menacing while your date stays by your side. To make a puck costume, eHow suggests cutting out a large black circle from a big piece of presentation board and using black makeup to cover your face.

No matter what you decide to go as, make sure your costumes show off your personality as a couple. Just be sure not to stray too far from each other to make the connection clear.