While Charlene lived in New York and Joey in Colorado, that didn’t stop them from finding each other on our site and quickly becoming enamored with one another. Charlene says “the convenience” attracted her to online dating, and our site wasn’t the first one she tried. Her counterpart had to be convinced to give us a shot. “My friends insisted I try it,” Joey tells us. “This was my first experience. I was not really confident.”

Neither was Charlene. And yet, just a month after she signed up and two months after he did, they connected. When Joey found Charlene’s profile, he was surprised by how intriguing he found her. That’s because this wasn’t an obvious match at the outset, at least not for him. “She was very far removed from my usual type, but opposites attract,” Joey says.

“Joey sent me a message saying ‘I love your city.’ He liked to travel,” remembers Charlene. Through a series of conversations, they soon discovered that this was a passion they shared. At what point were these two ready to meet in person? “After video calling to see that he wasn’t a serial killer,” jokes Charlene. In all seriousness, their video call convinced both singles it was a good idea to schedule a date. “We had a really great connection,” notes Joey.

New York City is a great place to date, and that’s where these two met up. “We went to the zoo, Central Park, had dinner…” recounts Charlene. She was impressed by the company she kept. “He has gorgeous blue eyes,” she says, getting dreamy for a moment. Joey says he could immediately see that Charlene was “very easy to get along with.”

We asked them what was most surprising about their first meeting. “That someone could talk as much as me,” laughs Charlene, providing another jokester answer to our questions. Joey says that on his side of it, the surprise was “how naturally we got along. It was like we had known each other forever.”

So that went well! Both parties were pretty certain they’d see each other again… “I was 100% certain,” Joey declares. Charlene nods. “I went home to London and booked a flight to Colorado for the next month!”

As the dating deepened into something more serious, the couple kept learning new things about each other. “She’s a wonderful mother,” marvels Joey. Charlene says “he is the kindest, most loving husband I could wish for.”

Husband?! Yes, you read that right. “We both just knew we wanted to get married, so she moved to Colorado on a fiancée visa with her daughter,” says Joey. “I now have a beautiful daughter and wife to come home to every day!”

Charlene nods in happy agreement. “I now live in Colorado, we own a beautiful home, and we have so much fun together.”

Who could ask for anything more?