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The invasion of privacy definitely seems to be one of the darkest sides of being in the public eye. And Blake Lively is the latest famous face to call out the paparazzi for not only invading her privacy but also that of her children…

As we know, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds like to keep their private life as private as possible, which is why we rarely see pictures of them with their three daughters.

The 33-year-old actress took to social media to slam the paparazzi – as well as The Daily Mail Australia, who published the pictures – for one of her latest encounters with them, which she claimed was “frightening” for her and daughters James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty, 1.

In one of the published pictures of Blake and her daughters, she appears to be waving politely at the paparazzi – however, according to Blake herself, that’s not exactly what happened…

“You edit together these images together to look like I’m happily waving. But that is deceitful,” she wrote on The Daily Mail Australia’s Instagram, as a comment to one of the photos.

“The real story is: My children were being stalked by a men [sic] all day. Jumping out. And then hiding.”

The former Gossip Girl star said that a bystander had to intervene at one point, because she was feeling uncomfortable with what she was witnessing…

“A stranger on the street got into words with them because it was so upsetting for her to see,” Blake continued, before asking whether the publications which hire paparazzi do background checks on their photographers who are in close proximity to children…

“When I tried to calmly approach the photographer you hired to take these pictures in order to speak to him, he would run away. And jump out again at the next block.

“Do you do background checks on the photograph[er]s you pay to stalk children? Where is your morality here? I would like to know. Or do you simply not care about the safety of children?

“The photographers who would speak to me, I was able to agree to smile and wave and let them take my picture away from my children if they would leave my kids alone. Because it was frightening.

“Tell the whole story….At minimum, listen to your followers. They too understand this is dark and upsetting that you pay people to stalk children.

“Please stop paying grown ass men to hide and hunt children. There are plenty of pictures you could’ve published without the kids. Please delete. C’mon. Get with the times.”

We can’t imagine how terrifying the whole experience must have been for Blake and her children.

Do you think there should be more laws in place to stop this from happening?