Planning a wedding can be as exciting as it is stressful. There are so many things to think about, whether you are doing it on a budget or you are spending extravagantly. You’ll still be worried about where you’ll be having the ceremony, who will be invited and what you’ll be wearing. Then there’s the caterers, the entertainment and the decorators. You may be handing all of it to a planner to do for you and that can often be wise. Especially if you are having a destination wedding.

One of the most important things to remember is that when the day is over, the only thing left that you’ll have from that day are the photos. As your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life and you will have made so much effort to look as wonderful as you possibly can, having a great professional wedding photographer should be a top priority and is certainly the most important thing to consider if you want fabulous wedding photos.


You may have a friend, or an uncle, or a cousin or some other well-meaning volunteer who happens to have a nice camera and who offers to take the photos for you for free. This is probably the biggest mistake couples ever make and they so often regret it. There’s an enormous difference between being good at taking pictures and being a professional wedding photographer. And that always shows in the final product.

Finding a wedding photographer that you love will be really important. So, make sure to take the time to do your research. You should absolutely love the style of their photography before you even consider contacting them. If the packages you want are out of your budget, if you love their work, go for a smaller package. It is far better to have a handful of photographs you absolutely love, want to display and show all your friends and family than a bunch of so, so photos you stick in a drawer. Book well in advance, too. Really good photographers are often booked up to a year in advance. So if you want to make sure to get the photographer you really want, plan early.

Once you’ve booked your photographer, you’ve truly done the most important thing in respect to getting great photos However, there are things that you can do to make your photographer’s job that much easier. Here’s a handy list to help:

Don’t get sunburns

If you’re having a destination wedding, a summer wedding or are just tanning to look your best, do not get a sunburn. Or sunburn lines. These are very difficult for your photographer to edit without looking unnatural.

Look fantastic

Make sure that the groom makes as much of an effort to look fantastic as the bride does. Nothing ruins a photo of a bride and groom more than a groom that looks like he couldn’t bother to dress nicely on the day. Accessories always help, so don’t forget things like hats, suspenders, colorful ties and great shoes.

Get a good hair and make-up artist


Brides need to get a good hair and make-up artist that you trust. You don’t want any dramas on the day if she doesn’t like the way she looks when they are finished with her. If you are having a wedding outdoors or any of your photography done outdoors, if there is any chance that it may be windy, brides should have an up do. She may dream of having her hair hanging long and looking glamorous. But it won’t look so great when it’s stuck across her face in all of your photos.

Choose most comfortable time of day

If your ceremony is outside or any of the photography is outside, talk to your photographer in advance about timing for the best natural light and the most comfortable time of day. You do not want to be sweating, squinting, shining, sweating or having shadows under your eyes. These are all things that can happen if you do not take your photographer’s advice.

State your expectations

Tell your photographer exactly what your expectations are and what your must have photos are, so that they are prepared. Asking your photographer why they didn’t get a photo of you with your favorite great Aunt after the wedding is over is a bit late. Provide them with a list of any group or family shots you think are important, any items of sentimental value you wish to have photographed and any ‘dream’ shots you have in mind. The more time you spend collaborating with your photographer, the better your images will be.

Create time for the photographer


Create a schedule for the day with your photographer and make sure all the vendors and your planner have a copy. That way everyone knows where everyone should be at the right time. There’s no point in having the meal served at 6pm if you’re having sunset shots with the photographer until 7pm. Or allowing all your guests to head off for cocktails before the photographer has had the chance to take the important photos with specific guests that you wanted.

Keep the photographer happy

Finally, do not annoy, irritate or otherwise upset your photographer. Look after them well and even tip them. A happy photographer will work harder for you and want to please you.

Following these simple guidelines will not only make sure that you get images that you’ll treasure for years, but you’ll have a much more relaxed and enjoyable wedding day as you won’t be worried about how you’ll look in all your photos, as you’ll already have worked that all out in advance.