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Simon Cowell is shaking things up at America’s Got Talent this year – and the host and judging panel are the first big changes!

It’s been revealed that Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Mel B have sensationally been axed from the talent show, although we’d be lying if we said we weren’t happy with their replacements. (Don’t hate us, ladies!)

According to reports, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel will still remain as judges but will be joined on the panel by Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. We have to admit, that sounds like a pretty exciting foursome!

“One of the many secrets to the success and longevity of America’s Got Talent is its fearless drive to reinvent itself,” Meridith Ahr, a spokesperson for NBC told Variety.

“The next evolution of the format brings in fresh expert eyes to join Simon and Howie on the panel.

“Gabrielle and Julianne are two of the most aspirational women in the business, on top of being electric entertainers with talent across disciplines.

“I am excited to see how their knowledge, compassion and sheer joy enhance the experience for acts and viewers alike.”

And it isn’t just the judging panel that has been shaken up, as White Chicks/Brooklyn Nine Nine star Terry Crews has also been announced as the brand new host of the talent show, replacing Tyra Banks.

“As their partner in crime, host Terry Crews will continue to light up the stage with his quick wit and unending charm,” Meridith Ahr added.

Although we are sad to see some of our beloved judges and host go, we can’t say we aren’t excited to see what the new season of AGT brings.

Bring on the new season!