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Yesterday, the world was filled with excitement as Jennifer Aniston was rumored to be in the process of adopting a baby girl.

The rumors alleged that she was about to adopt a baby girl from the Mexican orphanage Casa Hogar Sion, which she has been a long-time supporter of.

(She was previously rumored to be adopting a child from the same orphanage back when she was dating Justin Theroux, although as we now know, there was no truth in those rumors.)

The 52-year-old actress allegedly broke the news to her Friends co-stars while they were filming the HBO Max Friends reunion special last week, with a source claiming that it was the “perfect time” to let everyone know…

“Jen felt the reunion was the perfect time to make her baby announcement to the whole gang,” a source reportedly told Closer magazine.

“While the girls already knew – as they see each other regularly – she thought it would be special to tell the boys when they were all together, as she rarely sees them these days due to their busy lives and work commitments.”

Sounds plausible; however, new reports have surfaced, and they’re all insisting that the rumors aren’t true…

According to fresh reports, Jennifer Aniston’s reps have denied that the former Friends star is adopting a baby any time soon.

The reps insisted that there is no truth in the baby adoption rumors, and the alleged conversation between Jennifer and her Friends co-stars – Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry – never happened…

“The story is a fabrication and false,” one of Jen’s reps told E! News.

Short and sweet – but we guess the statement does the job of telling us that the rumors are false and the adoption isn’t happening.

Did you think there was any truth in the speculation? Do you think Jennifer Aniston should adopt a child in the not-so-distant future?