Do you love to travel?  The fun and adventure of exploring a place you’ve never been before?  If you do, then odds are good that you’ve already run into a problem that many travelers encounter.  Lots of other people love traveling too, and too often, you wind up going to a place that thousands, or even tens of thousands of other people are also interested in.

That can be fine to a point, but sometimes, you just want to get away from it all.  To spend time exploring those hidden gems all across the country that aren’t swamped with other adventurers.  You’re in luck!  Below, you’ll find a splendid collection of out of the way travel destinations that will keep you enthralled for many trips to come.  Enjoy!

The Riverwalk (San Antonio, Tx)

San Antonio is a lovely city, but it’s not typically very high on most people’s “must visit” travel destinations lists. That’s good news for you, because the Riverwalk in San Antonio is absolutely spectacular.  You can easily turn this into a long weekend, or even a week-long exploration.  A fun, festive city, and an unexpected treasure.

Hocking Hills State Park (Ohio)

If you love exploring state parks, but don’t feel like fighting massive crowds, put Hocking Hills on your short list of places to visit. Filled with beautiful, sweeping vistas, trails, rock bridges, and encompassing more than 2300 acres, you’ll find a lot to like here.  If you’re a fan of camping, you can do that, and still have access to flushing toilets and hot showers.  If that’s a bit too rustic for you, there are a number of rental cabins also available.

Gates of the Arctic (Alaska)

Another hidden gem of a national park, this one in Alaska. This adventure is definitely not for the faint of heart.  There are no trails or cozy cabins here.  If you don’t have some decent survival skills out the gate, then you’re not going to want to attempt this adventure.  If you’ve got the right stuff, however, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and well worth your time.

Jacksonville, Oregon

This is one of those quaint, artist-towns that’s well worth a visit. Plenty of antique shops, restaurants, local art talent and music to enjoy.  Once you pay this place a visit, you’ll definitely want to come back again and again.

Floyd, Virginia

Another fun, quirky little town, this one has a reputation as being one of the places where the hippie subculture still thrives. You’ll find plenty of local artisans and musicians here, along with a fine assortment of shops, eateries, and other hidden vistas to explore.

San Juan Islands (Washington State)

Sitting not far off the coast of Washington state, the San Juan islands are a popular destination for anybody who’s interested in marine life. Specifically, if you’ve never seen Orcas in the wild, this is the travel destination for you.  One sighting and you’ll be hooked, and want to come back again and again.

Portland, Maine

You’d never know this was one of the largest cities in Maine. The cobblestone streets give the place a decidedly Old World feel, and the Old Port waterfront is not to be missed.  Unless you’re used to bitterly cold weather, don’t go during the latter third of the year, but otherwise, it’s absolutely divine!

There are dozens of other similar hidden destinations scattered all across the country, but these will certainly keep your travel itch scratched for months to come!