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Bad news for anyone who wanted to invest in a little bit of Fenty during these unprecedented times, as the fashion line has temporarily been suspended.

Rihanna joined forces with French luxury group LVMH (who also own the likes of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Fendi, among others) to launch the Fenty fashion house back in 2019.

According to reports, the fashion brand was struggling to meet its sale requirements – which kind of makes sense as people have nowhere to go, and many other people have lost their jobs due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic – and has therefore been paused until further notice.

“On Fenty fashion, we are obviously still in a launching phase and we have to figure out exactly what is the right offer. It’s not something that is easy,” LVMH chief financial officer, Jean-Jacques Guiony, said in a statement.

“We were starting entirely from scratch.

“Obviously, we have the great help from Rihanna on this, but I would say it’s still a work in progress when it comes to really defining what the offer will be.”

It’s not all bad news for Rihanna though, as her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty and of course, Fenty Beauty, which now includes skincare, are reportedly doing better than ever.

This, believe it or not, is sort of why LVMH made the decision to temporarily pause Fenty fashion…

“With the overwhelming success of beauty and skin, LVMH and Rihanna have jointly made the decision to put the ready-to-wear Fenty division on hold in relation to the current climate,” an insider told E! News.

“As partners, LVMH Group and Rihanna will concentrate on the growth and long-term development of the Fenty ecosystem.”

Makes sense to us!

We’re glad that the rest of Ri Ri’s businesses are still thriving, and are confident that her Fenty RTW line will come back bigger and better than ever in the not-so-distant future!