Just 24 hours after Nicole signed up on our site, she met Christopher. This was the man she was waiting for! But what brought him to us in the first place? “I was looking for that special someone,” says Christopher. “I was tired of being alone! This was my first online experience.” He adds that he was “very hopeful” that it would yield results.

“Convenience and variety” drew Nicole to us. We weren’t her first online dating community and based on past experience, she wasn’t holding out much hope. “I was not confident at all,” Nicole admits. “I was very skeptical.”

Christopher had been a member of the site for five weeks when he spotted Nicole the new member and sent her a virtual rose, via Flirt. “Curiosity” is what led him to reach out. But there was a potential roadblock. “She was only looking for someone of another race,” Christopher notes. That didn’t stop him, though.

After their initial convos, the duo came away impressed. “I was very impressed by what he had to say,” Nicole remembers. “We were looking for the same things.” The “vibe” they created together convinced them to meet in the real world.

Nicole was happy when Christopher made the trek to her neck of the woods. “He actually came to my home! We went out for dinner,” she recalls. Christopher nods in assent. “I traveled from SC to meet her, and to take her to dinner.”

When Christopher finally appeared before her, Nicole was pleased with what her eyes beheld. “He was handsome, and he was actually the same person as his profile picture,” she laughs. And Christopher’s reaction to Nicole? He was blown away. “She was even more beautiful in person,” he tells us. “Great personality.”

Needless to say, the date went well. “We meshed perfectly,” Nicole enthuses. There was “no awkwardness” between them, according to Christopher. He was “100% sure” that they’d see each other again, and so was Nicole.

We always ask our success story couples the following question: “Is there anything you appreciate about your partner that didn’t come across in his/her profile?” Nicole proffers this answer: “His genuineness.” It doesn’t take long for Christopher to come up with an answer, either. “She was everything, and more, than her profile said.” Both say that the other person was “exactly my type.”

While “distance” and “trust” come up as obstacles the pair has had to overcome, they feel that love has changed their lives for the better. “I am so much happier!” exclaims Nicole. “She brightens my day,” puts in Christopher, beaming.

For the singles in the audience, here’s what Nicole advices as you approach your hunt for love. “Be very specific about what you’re looking for,” she urges everyone. “Be optimistic and positive.”

Christopher understands the plight of singles who’ve experienced more misses than hits, so far. “You have to pick through the bad before you get to the good,” he reminds us. “Don’t get discouraged.”

Even if it takes longer than 24 hours to meet your match!