Are you considering experimenting with merino wool this Christmas or when traveling during the holidays? This fabric has been hailed to be the ultimate travel fabric especially if you are looking to travel light. So if you have never considered to include them in your wardrobe, then try this amazing fabric this Christmas. It comes with pieces for both men and women so while shopping for yours, you could get some pieces for your special someone.

In this post, Love is All Colors shares with you tips on how to find the merino wool clothing women’s stores have and how amazing this fabric is. Read on…

Why Merino wool clothing women’s

These wool clothes for women are popular for travel for stylish women who want to travel light. Plus, they are super warm and the fabric wicks away moisture. When traveling the secret is to be able to wear the same pieces more than once and till look great. Well, merino are clothes that you can pull this off without even washing. The fabric is meant for that.

So let’s have a look at the best lady merinos that you will enjoy wearing during the Christmas holidays…

What are the best merino wool pieces for women?

Merino wool shirts women cami

One thing that women who love their merino love are cami. It comes on top of the list of merino wool tops. This the best merino wool shirts womens favorite. The reason being its very versatile. It can be worn both as a tank or an undershirt. It’s the best merino wool shirts because it gives the wearer the perfect layer for any piece of clothing. And its versatile enough to be worn during both hot and cold weather.

So if you are looking for the best merino shirt womens stores have to offer, the cami is the one that I highly recommend. You will pack light. And you will be stylish at the same time.

Merino socks – Micro

Besides the merino wool shirts women departments also stock up merino socks. Do you know why they are the best wool socks? No smelly feet. People swear to wearing them even for 3 days straight and they still won’t smell. So if packing light is what you are going for, then these babies have got you covered. You need to have pairs of these micro socks because they are perfect even for hot weather.

Merino Underwear: Briefs

After hailing merino wool shirts womens briefs definitely have to be on our list. And apparently they cover someone’s booty pretty well. So if you need great booty coverage go get yourself a merino pair.

Buff Headwear Scarf

The merino scarf is one of the best wool clothing accessories a woman should go. It will go well with your merino wool tops. So if wherever you are traveling to gets freezing, just through it on. You can even use to cover your head and your ears. Never forget to have it handy, whether you flying or sightseeing. It’s just so versatile. Whatever you need it for, this wool scarf will get you covered.

Best Wool Base Layer: Thermals

We all need to stay warm during winter. And if you are in the US, you definitely know how cold this Christmas season can get. So what better way to keep warm than getting yourself a great merino snug and pair it up with your merino shirt womens favorites? Plus, when traveling, they squeeze in perfectly well in your suitcase. And, no creases whatsoever. You will be able to cope with the weather no matter how cold it is.

You can layer your clothes stylishly as you prevent yourself from shivering while outside enjoying all the holiday festivities! This piece of light layer keeps one so warm in style. With this baby, you don’t have to worry about packing heavy.

Merino Wool Clothes Pack Light

So if you are planning to travel this Christmas season, then you definitely know how packing light is important. You don’t want some heavy luggage to bog you down during your trip. You really need not carry more than you need.

You can perfectly layer with your best merino wool shirts and merino wool pants womens favs and look different and stylish every time you step out. As a tip for packing light, you can use packing cubes to give you more space. These packing cubes compress clothes.

What are the alternatives to merino fabric?

Fabric is one important thing that every woman needs to consider. As much as merino is the ultimate fabric for clothing, especially when traveling, some people might find it a bit on the higher side when it comes to price. Some people, on the other hand, are allergic to it and it makes their skin itchy. If you feel that merino is not for you or not your style, or isn’t pocket-friendly, then here are some perfect alternatives that will work for you.

As much as merino wool is perfect for traveling and super comfortable, it’s just not just palatable to everyone. So if you are this kind of person, there several options to try out that will keep you warm and less bulky during this cold Christmas season.

Yes, you are traveling. But can the clothes you have packed cut out to protect you from both warm and cold temperatures? Are they comfortable enough for you and your skin? There are some people who have issues with the staple length of the merino wool as it tends to be shorter. For such people, we recommend a longer staple yarn.

Whether you are allergic to the merino yarn or you just want something that is softer on your skin, below are some alternatives that will work just as well for you…


Just because they are synthetic and are made from chemicals doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not as good as those made from natural fibers like cotton and silk. In fact, some synthetic fabrics contain better properties than natural fabrics. The most infamous ones are polyester and acrylic. They are more pocket-friendly compared to the merino fabric and are also perfect for keeping away moisture.

Polyester us very affordable, soft and durable and you will find a good blend of fabrics that have polyester, viscose, acrylic, and wool.


This is one of the types of rayon fiber. It’s the perfect alternative because it is very soft and very comfortable. It is also perfect for wicking away moisture. Modal contains similar properties as cotton. It is manmade and its fiber is made out of cellulose. The beauty of it is that it is fairly thin making it the perfect choice for layering. The other thing that makes modal the perfect travel alternative to merino is that it dries very fast and doesn’t make one feel sweaty. So this is something that you can wash and dry it overnight.

Most modal clothing pieces are very cozy and much as the fabric is quite thin, you will always find winter wear made out of this fabric that is perfectly capable of providing warmth in a pocket-friendly way.


Bamboo is also another fabric that has moisture-wicking properties. It is the closest fit to the merino wool and it’s a bit tougher. The difference is that it feels much better on the skin and it doesn’t cause itching. It’s nice on the skin and feels cool and also keeps one warm when the weather gets cooler.


Now if you don’t mind spending a little on yourself, then cashmere is your best alternative to merino. It has properties that can keep you warm during the cold Christmas weather without making you look or feel bulky. It is a beautiful luxurious fabric and is very light. So it’s perfect for those looking to travel light during the holidays.

The only problem is, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the merino fabric, then cashmere isn’t it. At the same time, it tends to be a bit delicate so you have to handle it with extreme care.

If you want to give yourself a warm, soft and luxurious treat this Christmas, then try cashmere. That luxurious touch will be worth the investment.


Fleece fabric is another merino wool alternative worth considering to purchase so that that it gets you covered during winter. It is one of the high-tech synthetic fibers and believe it or not, it is made from recycled bottles. So for those who don’t like fabrics made from animal by-products, then the fleece is a perfect choice.

The good thing is its much lighter than wool and gives the wearer better insulation and can keep the wearer warm even when it is wet. It also dries faster than wool. They are perfect, especially as leggings.


Alpaca is a less common alternative that is just as warm as the merino fabric. It is light and warm and great for those who can’t wear wool. Alpaca is hypoallergenic and a great insulator.