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Demi Lovato is really working hard at sobriety, following her almost fatal drug overdose back in July.

Her mother has since explained that the singer has completed 90 days of sobriety – often the biggest challenge – and is slowly but surely turning her life around.

Today, we have news that Demi Lovato is officially out of rehab as she has been spotted out and about by various people – although she won’t be returning home.

 “That is still on the market and she has moved out,” an insider said about the home she was in before she entered rehab.

“She is taking it slowly and getting back to life one day at a time.

“She’s not rushing to figure out where she’s going to live permanently.”

Sources say that Demi has been spending her post-rehab time at her mother’s house, and also at the home of designer Henri Alexander Levy.

And according to another source, she is “also spending time at a sober living facility, where she has a great support system.”

These all sound like great steps in the right direction.

Another insider previously confirmed to E! News that Demi is taking her health very seriously since getting out of rehab – and it’s something that she will have to focus on for the rest of her life…

“She will be having therapy sessions and attend meetings,” the source previously explained.

“It’s going to be a lifelong commitment and her treatment will not end because she is out of rehab,” the source said.

“Overall, she’s putting her health first. She really wants to relax and exercise and do everything she can to stay healthy.

“She wants to put what happened behind her and move forward committed to her health and making the right choices.”

We’re so proud of you, Demi. Keep up the good work!