There has been a growing body of research that supports the positive connection between exercise and sex. Well, we will have you know that regular exercise not only reduces the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, boost memory or manage one’s weight, it can also have a surprisingly positive effect on your sex life – boosting desire, arousal, and overall sexual satisfaction. Love is All Colors gives you reasons to break that sweat. Read on…

How does working out increase sex drive?

Well, don’t you agree that this is the perfect reason to hit the gym or move around a little? Regular exercise is a known aphrodisiac for both women and men. So how does exercise help sexually? Here’s what they say…

Exercise makes one look and feel sexy

The thing is, regular exercise usually makes people feel great about themselves. Imagine beginning some regular exercise then you realize that it is actually working. Or looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking “Damn I am sexy” just because all that working out has paid off.

A boost in self-confidence and self-esteem translates to confidence in the bedroom. That is one of the ways that sex and fitness are connected. Working out regularly boosts self-esteem. So the more you like how you look the more you will want to flaunt it to your partner. When you are more positive about your body image and you feel sexy and sexually desirable, you more likely to shed those clothes off and have sex. Plus sexual desirability leads to hotter sex.

Exercise improves sexual performance

The thing is when you are in shape, any physical activity, sex included, will be performed better. And the more sex you have (also a physical activity), the better you will get at it. The thing is, sex and fitness go hand in hand. Plus, more frequent sex = more frequent exercises too.

Now according to one study, there is a great correlation between sex drive and exercise. Men had increased sex drive through exercise and frequently participated in various intimate activities, enhanced their reliability of adequately performing during sex and the rate of satisfying orgasms. Also, the men who increased their fitness levels also saw a significant improvement in their sex lives.

As for women, working out increases physiological sexual arousal and sexual desire. So after exercising, women are highly likely to get turned on than those who haven’t exercised. Exercise increases vaginal blood flow.

Does exercising increase sex drive? Yes, it does. And this also helps with sexual performance. The reasoning behind it is that regular workouts increase heart rate, help with breathing and increases muscle activity thereby enhancing sexual performance and sexual satisfaction. Strength training increases levels of testosterone, which can boost sex drive in both men and women. So this basically means, the more you exercise, the better your sex that. Wanna hit that gym now?

Exercise reduces stress

Does exercise increase libido? The thing with stress is that it can sabotage one’s libido. The thing is, the hormone cortisol which is produced when one is stressed decreases one’s interest in sex. Exercise, on the other hand, reduces stress levels. Breaking a little sweat or doing some fitness boosts the production of hormone endorphins which can be a good mood booster.  That means one can get increased sex drive through exercise

Who doesn’t need that feel-good vibe? Plus a better mood = more hotter sex. So if you work out more, you might realize that you want to have sex more…

Exercise improves blood circulation hence the sexual response

People who do cardio exercises like walking, swimming, jogging or biking have an advantage when it comes to getting it on. Improved blood circulation is a key factor when it comes to sexual response. One study equated regular exercise to Viagra. Exercise actually reduced the risk of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men because it increases blood flow. Sex is an activity that involves the entire body. So get that blood pumping to have your blood vessels and nerves at peak levels. Does exercising increase sex drive in women and blood circulation? When it comes to blood circulation, exercise and sex drive go together. Plus great circulation to the vagina and clitoris means quicker and more intense orgasms.

Exercise increases one’s strength and flexibility hence better sex positions

A simple exercise like yoga does enhance a person’s flexibility. It can make one more acrobatic. And the more acrobatic you are the stronger and more flexible you will be when it comes to trying out different sexual positions in the bedroom. You need body strength to be able to sustain certain sexual moves. So well-toned muscles will definitely come in handy. So consider some strength training exercises. Apparently, when talking exercise and sex drive, weightlifting also does increase libido. So you will get greater strength, flexibility, and stamina from working out.

Word of caution: Do not over-train

Does working out increase sex drive? Much as exercise and sex go hand in hand positively, a recent study shows that very vigorous regular exercise can also lower one’s libido. See, this is because physical exhaustion leads to stress. And that is not a good thing because exhaustion will affect your sexual performance.

Unless you are an athlete who has to push himself or herself to the maximum with limited recovery, then you need not worry yourself about this. A little exercise will help you perform at optimal levels.

Conclusion: Give your body some tough love and get better loving in return

If you want more feel-good sex, then you better think about burning those calories. Not by having more sex. You got to do it by moving around. The thing is, when exercising, the body engages similar body functions that are required to feel aroused. Just like when working out in the gym, blood pressure and flow, breathing rate, heart rate as well as your muscles are engaged during sex. Get where I am going with this?

Well, if you need to increase your bodily sensations in the bedroom then exercise a little. Concentrate on exercises that make you have a stronger core, stronger pelvic flow as well as those that work on the arm and leg muscles. When these muscles are stronger – particularly the pelvic floor ones, you are definitely going to have more intense and more frequent orgasms.

The other thing to consider when looking at sex drive and exercise is that the effects depend on one’s age and physical condition. So it pays to stick to a regular exercise program if you want to achieve long-term benefits to your sex life. So if you want results, you need to be consistent.

Does sex count as exercise? Not really because the intensity and length of lovemaking vary among different people. Now, if you are young, you’ll probably be burning 3 to 4 calories per minute. Compared to walking and tennis, this level of intensity is moderate. For most people, sex doesn’t last as long. When we compare a 30-minute sex session to a 30-minute moderate treadmill workout, you will burn 3 times more calories on the treadmill. However, sex was rated as a more enjoyable activity 😉 Now you have a good reason to hit the gym.

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