COVID-19 is definitely going to affect Black Friday sales 2020 and how we are going to shop. There are many outlets that have been running sales and deals throughout the month of November. For instance, Walmart announced that they will be running 3 events dubbed the Walmart Black Friday Deals for Days. One of the main reasons that Walmart decided to run 3 events is so as to avoid rush shopping as well as crowded shopping so that its shoppers can stay safe.

Are you prepared to go shopping in crowds with a mask? Scroll on as we give you some tips on how to stay safe while shopping so that you can take advantage of Black Friday deals and make massive savings and stay safe at the same time.

How to protect yourself on Black Friday

A Lot of stores have put in place measures so that customers, as well as attendants, can stay safe and enjoy Black Friday sales during corona. Walmart, for instance, chose to have 3 events on separate days to reduce overcrowded shopping. They are also having online deals to help those avoiding the crush on Black Friday. I know there are many online shops set up to ensure that you have a safer and more manageable shopping experience.

We are glad that there are safety considerations that have been put in place by many stores. So there is a safer and more convenient way to take advantage of some of Black Friday sales 2020. Let’s explore some of the ways you can shop safely and tips on avoiding the crush on Black Friday…

Create a list

The thing is, these deals can make you go crazy. You might look at them and practically have the desire to get everything on every page. If not careful, you might end up getting some things that you don’t’ even need just because they are on sale. You might even find yourself buying toys for kids and yet you have no one to give them to just because they look too cute and are on sale.

Well, if you really want to save yourself from impulse buying, create a shopping list of the things that you really want and need before even browsing the deals that are available. That way you will be able to adapt your list based on what is available. Try and stick to the list as much as possible.

Consider the online deals

Black Friday sales during corona, most retail stores are offering online deals. This is a great way to save up on gas as well as time that you would have wasted standing up in line. Now this year those who will practically visit the stores shopping in crowds with a mask. So if you are really want to avoid crowded places, take a look at the stores that you would otherwise have visited.

Carry your ads

There are some stores that usually take advantage of shoppers and refuse to honor their Black Friday deals. Now it can be hard to rely on ads you saw online because they can be pulled down. One thing you need to do is if you saw a Black Friday ad on paper, cut it out, and carry it. If you saw the ad online, you can also print it out and carry it with you. That will at least help convince the retail attendant.

Get a shopping buddy

Now, I know that we have been advised to stay at home and avoid crowds during Black Friday sales 2020. So you could have someone help you shop online and also peruse different sites in search of products and services on sale so that you can identify the cheapest. But if you really have to visit the store with a friend, make sure that the two of you shop at similar paces. So this can actually help lessen the time you take to shop for stuff since one person can stay in the checkout line while the other picks up stuff.

Stay safe

Wondering how to protect yourself on Black Friday with the pandemic here with us? Well, one thing I know for sure is that a lot of stores where customers will be visiting physically have taken the necessary precautions and have made considerations so that people can shop safely. I am sure there will be associates dishing out sanitized shopping carts,  sanitizing points in the stores, as well as health ambassadors to ensure and remind you to follow the health guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Now one thing that I know for sure is that even if all this is put in place, as a person, you need to do your part too. If you are elderly or have some underlying condition, you really need not go shopping. You can simply send someone and stay safe.

Before you even leave the house, make sure that you have carried your sanitizer and are wearing a mask. Whenever I go shopping, I try as much as possible to carry with me more than one mask. Don’t go into the crowds fighting for goods that are on sale. Just follow the social distancing rules and wait your turn.

Just skip the whole thing

There is never a better time than this year to just skip the entire Black Friday sales 2020. The thing is, it doesn’t mean that just because something is on sale you need to buy it. If you have no interest in it, why bother? If you have nothing that you need, why waste your time browsing through the websites and paper looking for something to spend your money on?

If you don’t need anything, don’t leave the house. Much as things are cheap, your money is better off saves up somewhere that spent on things that you will probably never use. So if you are feeling that spending itch, then look for some charity and donate. Alternatively, look for things that you can buy and donate to the homeless. Otherwise, just sit home and relax. You are being advised to do so anyway so that you can stay safe. Save that money for later purchases and emergencies. You never know when you will need it.

That said though, nothing should stop you from enjoying these great deals and getting the people you or yourself great gifts. Remember, Safety begins with you. Stay safe while shopping for these deals.

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