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Last night’s Golden Globe Awards were truly spectacular.

With well-deserved awards wins, stunning red carpet appearances, and even purple hair courtesy of Lady Gaga (who else?) it really was a night to remember.

However, there was one moment which really stood out to us more than anything else. And that was Golden Globe Ambassador Isan Elba getting candid about her mother’s mental illness.

Idris Elba’s beautiful 17-year-old daughter opened up about the daily “struggle” she faces at a Golden Globes luncheon few days prior to the main event…

“It was only about two years ago that my mom opened up to me,” Isan told People at the luncheon.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s a struggle every day. It’s a learning lesson for me, but it’s hard. Mental health is something that’s hard to deal with.

“We just sat down and talked about it, and I think that was better for her, talking about it and talking about it with someone who means the most in her life and just getting that out.

“It was definitely a learning curve. I’m so much closer to my mom now because I know what she’s going through.”

As a result, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) revealed that it would be donating $50,000 to the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation in Isan’s name.

The charitable organization aims to change the perception of mental illness in the African American community, so we already know that the donation is going to a wonderful cause.

We’re glad that Isan Elba already got people talking about mental health before the main Golden Globes ceremony.

It certainly stuck with us…