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Love is in the air!

We knew Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s love story wasn’t quite over when they called things off last year, as the pair are reportedly back together!

Isn’t that a nice story to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day?

Although they are definitely back on – as confirmed by their trip to The Maldives just last month – their relationship is reportedly very much in the casual stages…

“They’re back on,” a source close to the couple told The Sun newspaper.

“Katy wants to make things work this time around. She tried, but she couldn’t cut him off. She cares too much about him.

“This time, they’re keeping things low key – but they’re back together.”

Things may be low key, but that hasn’t stopped them from showing their affection via social media, regularly liking and commenting on each other’s posts. I.e. the modern way of showing the world your true feelings.

Katy even shared a picture of herself wearing a onesie with Orlando Bloom’s face on – if that isn’t love, we don’t know what is!

We really hope these two can make it work! What say you?