“I wasn’t able to get out to date the traditional way,” Christina laments, explaining her decision to date online. So she put up a profile with the handle “ChrisyB.” She had prior experience in the space. “[This] was not my first dating site,” Christina explains.

The man she met, Royce, “just wanted try something new.” We were his first Internet personals experience. Royce got a little cocky and playful with his username, choosing to post as “SmoothAsIce.” However, he says he was “not very confident” we could produce tangible results in his love life. Christina wasn’t confident, either.

She got here a full two years before he did. Remarkably, Royce sent Christina a Flirt on his very first day as a member of our site! So what stood out about her? “We had similar interests,” explains Royce. Reviewing his profile, Christina was equally intrigued. “He sounded like he knew what he wanted,” she tells us.

Their process of getting acquainted led directly to a date. “After talking for weeks, we felt so connected we knew we needed to meet,” both singles say. They made plans to connect on the other side of their computer screens. “We met at my house for dinner,” elaborates Royce. “I cooked, and we shared great conversations. I just couldn’t believe she was actually here!”

Christina says her initial response to Royce, in the flesh, was entirely positive. “I thought he was handsome and very friendly,” she compliments him. What surprised her most about the date was “how much we had in common.” Royce comments that he couldn’t believe “how compatible we were,” adding, “I was pretty sure we’d go out again.”

And go out again they did! As their bond deepened, they came to appreciate things about each other that they didn’t see at first. “How good he was with kids” stood out to Christina as a happy surprise. Royce says “how great her personality is” didn’t necessarily come across in her profile, but certainly does in real life. Both members of this nearly perfect pairing confess that “the fear of getting hurt” put the brakes on things for awhile, but as they realized they were on the same page, these concerns were quashed.

Today, Royce and Christina are in a good place. “I feel complete,” exults the gentleman. “[The relationship] has made my life happier,” reports the lady. Her advice to singles is to cast a wide net. “Send that person a message anyway, even if you think they may not be what you’re looking for.” Royce concurs. “If you have doubts about contacting someone, just do it, because you never know… They may be the one!” Their thought process is that the profile is only part of the picture – even if it’s not perfect, start a conversation and see where that goes.

In the case of Christina and Royce, it’s going in the right direction!