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Kendall Jenner doesn’t seem to be having much luck professionally, does she?

First there was that unfortunate Pepsi ad campaign, then she and sister Kylie Jenner faced legal action over their offensive T-shirt collection. And now she is in hot water once again, this time because of the name of her brand new Apple Music radio show. Will Kendall Jenner ever catch a break?

So why exactly is KJ in trouble? Her brand new radio show, which she launched last week with her friend DJ Daniel Chetrit, is entitled ‘Pizza Boys’, which is apparently breaching the copyright of the ‘Pizza Boyzzz’ – an LA-based brand and artist collective. The Pizza Boyzzz reportedly trademarked their name back in 2015…

Kendall Jenner has received a cease and desist letter from the brand’s founder, Robert Karaguezian, who claims that the name of her new show has led “an extraordinary number of consumers to suddenly come to express confusion.”

We have a feeling that Kendall Jenner and her people will comply to get it dealt with as soon as possible. Once again, let’s hope that this is a lesson to the Kardashian/Jenner clan.