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Are newly-engaged Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker already taking the next step in their relationship?

The 42-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the 45-year-old former Blink 182 drummer haven’t even made it down the aisle yet, but according to reports, expanding their families is apparently something the couple is keen to do sooner rather than later…

“They would love nothing more than to have a baby together. Kourtney has always wanted another baby and never felt like she was done,” a source reportedly told E! News.

“Now that she’s with Travis, she wants it even more.”

Another insider pretty much echoed this, adding that Kourt’s family are extremely supportive of her and Travis’s plans to procreate…

“They are both really great parents and enjoy spending time with their families,” the insider added.

“Travis has been known to be such an amazing dad, so it seems like the natural thing for them to do.”

We don’t think that Scott Disick – who is the father to Kourtney’s three children – is on the aforementioned list of supportive family members though.

Back in January, when someone asked Kourtney if she was pregnant, she replied, “No, I wish”, and even more recently at the 2021 MTV VMAs, Kourtney and Megan Fox – who is dating Machine Gun Kelly – described their boyfriends as their “future baby daddies”, so it’s safe to say that babies are definitely on the couple’s brains.

Does this mean that Kourtney and Travis are actively trying to have their own child right now or will they wait to get married first before trying? We don’t know for sure, but yet another source told E! that K+T are “hoping to be expecting by next year” so we’re leaning towards the former. We’re excited!