So we women are known to be more emotional as opposed to men right? Well, not according to this recent study. Apparently, men are more emotional than women. So why is it that we have always held the crown for being the emotional gender? The answer…


The study was carried out by neurologists at Mindlab and according to the results, men appeared more sensitive when it came to being presented with emotional stimuli. Here is how they conducted it:

“The study took a group of 15 men and 15 women, sat them down, had them watch a series of videos you would expect to trigger emotional responses and measured their responses via skin conductance electrodes.

The content was categorized into four areas: blissful, exciting, heartwarming and funny.

The results showed that men had stronger emotional reactions to each of these areas. When it came to the heartwarming content, men responded twice as much as did women.

When asked to rate their emotional response to the content, women stated that they were much more emotional than the test results showed, while men said they were much less emotional than they actually were.”

In a different study by the same company, 67% of the same men admitted to feeling more emotional than they usually let on.

Does this really apply to all men?

Well, the study was done on a small group of people who were all parents. So we can’t really say beyond all doubt how well this applies to all men.

However, it kind of makes sense that men are more emotional than women because even as kids, in most households, men have been taught not to show their emotions publicly; you know, the “take it as a man” kind of thing. And even those who have been borught up in homes where men were encouraged to be real about their emotions, when out there, they realize that for centuries the rest of the world and culture expects men to bottle their emotions up; they are expected to be the tougher sex because for some reason, emotional sensitivity is taken to mean weakness.

But in reality, is that really the case? I don’t believe so. I think showing, understanding and confronting ones emotions head on takes real strength. Shying away from them is weakness, don’t you think? Emotions shouldn’t be suppressed, otherwise one may end up with much bigger psychological problems.

Is it an ego thing? I sure think so. And I think its what society has made men to believe that they shouldn’t express themselves emotionally.

“Don’t cry. Don’t pout. Don’t complain. Be a man — an emotionless, stubborn man. Again, not all men but most, I’m afraid,”
says Paul Hudson.

But for some reason, in our world today, men are becoming more accepting and more open about their emotions; and women, more independent, more sexually assertive and more emotionally reserved.

What do you think about the study though? Does it generally apply? Are men more emotional than they let on?