Another year has come and gone and you feel like the only person in the world without that special someone. Whether you broke up recently or have been alone for awhile the holiday season is a tough time to come to terms with being unattached. Every Christmas movie has a happy ending with the guy and the girl finding true love under the mistletoe. Your married friends are celebrating as couples and maybe welcoming a little one to the festivities for the first time. Your aunts and cousins ask who you are seeing barely before you even have your coat off at the family dinner. The single life is not working for you this year and next year is not looking any better.

What you really need to do is to take charge this New Years. Find the resolve to turn this ocean liner of misery into a happy holiday cruise. Rather than wallowing in the past or cursing the present lets look forward to the future. Here are five resolutions for the New Year that offer you the chance for a positive change in the next 12 months.

Rejoice In Being Alone

alone-new-yearsIf your unhappiness stems from the ending of a toxic relationship make a promise to yourself to exalt in some “me” time. Forgive yourself for this failure as it was never meant to be and was making you miserable. Take your time as you move out of the shadow of this ending and give yourself permission to heal completely. Love yourself enough to let this process take as long as you need, refusing to settle for a rebound relationship.

Pursue A Passion

Not all passions need to be of the romantic kind. Your self esteem will take a positive turn if you find a cause or a hobby that you can take on heart and soul. Use the time you spend moping around enjoying a new activity. Help those who can benefit from your skills and abilities. The unforeseen benefit of pursuing a new passion may be to find like minded people, one of whom may spark a different kind of devotion.

Focus On Your Career

Take a look at your present job and see how it is meeting your needs. If you are still excited to go to work in the morning take this solo time to double down and make a difference at the office. Without the time commitment of a relationship you can concentrate on earning that promotion or steering a new project that interests you. Making progress on the job will lighten your mood and increase your resolve to be the best you can be — powerful and more than just a little sexy.

Change It Up

Work also making you sad? Friends not exactly acing friendly? Start looking around for a different job or consider if further education or specific training can qualify you for the profession of your dreams. Since you have the precious opportunity to make it all about you take a leap. When you broaden your horizons and take some risks you may connect with new people who may be more supportive of your lack of current relationship commitment. Be brave and open to something different and you might be surprised at who notices.

Try On Traveling

woman travelling aloneThe great part of being unattached is that you can be your own guide and need not answer to other’s destination desires. Look into a cruise or talk to a trip planner who can show you tours to take as a single. Or hop on the internet and devise your own itinerary. Bring some friends along or fly, drive or float solo. New experiences and exotic places may be the tonic you need to redefine your life in the most positive of ways. You will never regret embarking on this kind of an adventure. This is the making for an interesting and rich life and priceless memories.

Glory in the flexibility and freedom of the single life. Take this year as a challenge. Get more in touch with yourself and to experience new challenges and enjoy new vistas. Learn to listen to yourself and strive to improve your relationship with yourself. The new you who emerges is worth the time you invest. As you become more comfortable in your own skin you will also attract those who appreciate who you have become.