The holidays are fast approaching; the days leading up to Christmas are hectic, with shopping for gifts, party planning, travel arrangements, the actual journey to your destination, dealing with relatives – you get the idea. Once Christmas is over, it’s time to kick back and chill, until New Year’s arrives. Make the New Year holiday about you and your significant other and plan a romantic experience for just the two of you.

Choosing a romantic gift for your man depends on what type of guy he is – giving a down-to-earth, practical guy a Rolex watch and a dozen red roses is not such a hot idea, nor are tickets to the DIY show the best choice for a dinner-and-dancing man; know what your man considers romantic before you start planning.

To help you make your plans, here are five gift ideas for a romantic New Year’s experience:

The Gift of your Time

timeWhether your man is a self-reliant, strong, do-it-yourself type, or spends his days in the white-collar jungle, when he’s got some free time he most likely wants to spend it with you. So, set up a getaway to a spot you’ll both enjoy, with a good mix of places to go and things to do blended with alone time in front of a fireplace. Getaways to mountain lodges or national parks let you blend dinner and dancing on New Year’s Eve with hikes in the woods and snuggle time on the sofa in front of a fire. Send your kids to Grandma’s and spend New Year’s alone together.

Unusual Gifts

You can find just about anything on the Internet if you look for it; the question is – what do you look for? This is where knowing your guy comes in handy; think about what his likes and dislikes are, and go searching for gifts you think he’d like. If your guy is into politics, get him a drink glass with the Constitution etched on it, or get him a Constitution tie. In case he is the Grill King, get him a set of kabob baskets or a bristle-free grill cleaner. If your man is a beachcomber at heart, get him a sand artscape of the ocean.

A Coupon for Whatever He Wants

If your guy is like most guys, he’s hard to buy for; so, make a coupon for him to redeem for whatever he wants (within a price range!) and present it to him over a glass of champagne. This way, he gets to choose what he wants – time with you, a special tool, a piece of sports equipment – you get the idea.

A Special Dinner Cooked Just for Him

dinnerA man once told me the three things all men need to be happy: Sex, Work, and Food. So, for New Year’s, send the kids to Grandma, and make your significant other his favorite dinner in the whole world. Be it Chicken and Dumplings to Filet Mignon, put on your cooking hat and make his all-time favorite meal. After dinner, put on some soft music and dance, or cuddle on the sofa. Break open the champagne at midnight, and see where the night leads. It’s guaranteed to make him happy!

Go to a Party

If your man is a party animal, plan on attending a New Year’s Eve bash. Make it one at a hotel, so there’s no danger of drinking and driving. Get a room, have a blast at the party, and finish the night undisturbed. Brunch the next day and home by nightfall – it’s a perfect little getaway in your own home town.

New Year’s is the last chance for a little time alone for the two of you; once school starts back, you’re locked into the routine until Spring Break. Take the time to recharge your batteries and reconnect with your man – you won’t regret it!