With the popularity of porn and the crazy mainstream success of novels and movies that involve sadomasochistic sex scenes, it’s starting to become apparent that vanilla is no longer the sexual flavor that people prefer. There was a time when people considered spanking, tickling, light bondage and stockings as risqué. However, thrill-seeking adults are starting to become familiar with more extreme forms of sexual pleasure. Exciting, fun and thrilling sex can often be a little bit rough and dangerous. So it’s important to be well versed in how to make sure everyone stays safe so that they’ll want to come again. That’s what it’s all about, after all, isn’t it?

What constitutes rough sex?

‘Rough sex’ is a term that can encompass many different types of bedroom activities. These range from rape fantasies to choking from bondage to cock and ball torture. Oh my! The possibilities are endless… But then so are the risks. If you’re going to be playing sex games that can lead to bruising, bleeding, fear, terror or even the loss of consciousness, it’s a good idea that you know how to do these things safely. There’s no doubt at all that living on the edge can be unbelievably arousing. But none of us wants to end our f@ck fest with a trip to the ER.

Plan ahead

It might seem obvious, but the first and most important thing when you’re planning to participate in some hardcore rough sex is consent. Everyone involved needs to know what is going on and have expressed their willingness to participate. Then everyone needs to agree on a ‘safe word’. This is a word that can be used at any time, by any participant to stop whatever is happening immediately and for any reason. It is not possible to have safe rough sex without an agreed ‘safe word’ that everyone can be trusted to respect.

Get consent

Rough sex often involves the use of toys and equipment. If this is the case, you need to make sure that everything you are using is clean and disinfected. Equipment must be fit for its purpose and in good condition. Ensure that it doesn’t break in the middle of frantic and wild activity. Good quality lube should be available and used liberally. Not only will this reduce tears and abrasions, but you’ll be able to use whichever orifice you’re abusing for much longer when properly lubricated. You don’t want to wear it out before you’re finished with it.

Safety first

If you are planning rough sex games that have a risk of serious injury or even death such as asphyxiation, extreme bondage, electricity play, piercing or cutting then you need to learn how to perform these skills safely before trying them out with a new partner. Some of these more radical types of erotic play are not for the fair weather f@cker or faint of heart. Join a BDSM club. Get to know some of the Doms and Dommes and learn. These people practice and train to perfect their craft. Not only does learning how to do these things properly make sure that you’re doing them safely, but it also will maximize the pleasure for you and your partner.


Another place you don’t want to end up is at the police station. So think carefully about where you are going to have your bit of rough and tumble. If the neighbors hear screaming and hitting, the first thing that will come to mind may not be that you’re about to give your partner the best orgasm of their life. They may just pick up the phone and provide you with an embarrassing case of cops interruptus. The only handcuffs you want to see are those you’ve used to pin down your partner while you make them beg you to f@ck them.

Rough sex can be some of the most fun sex. Just make sure you plan things properly. Know what you’re doing, how to do it safely and where to do it without getting into trouble. When you’ve made sure you’re safe, everyone can enjoy the f@cking.  And it can be as loud, rough and rowdy as you both want it to be.